Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Thank You... New Years Resolutions and 2009 Goals

Well, 2008, I can say is also a good year for me =) have a lot of good and new exprience, got to meet new friends, got to cosplay again =) and I can say I enjoy a lot =) I would like to thank you to all the new people I've met, thank you for sharing those memories with me in my year 2008 and hope friendship will not only stay longer but forever (^^,)v Also, I would like to thank all my family, relative and friends who also share a good memories with me, and of course special mention to my sweet angel of my life, as our relationship will go stronger *kiss*

As for my New Years resolution, are follow :

1 - will go to work early this time, not late XD

2 - will work harder and more concentrate at work =p
3 - will do exercise for my body shape building, sa bahay lang, la pang bayad sa gym eh xp~
4 - will go swimming once a week or twice a month for my scoliosis therapy exercise
5 - will eat healthy food, (means less junk food =p )

6 - will spendless na, since mahirap na buhay ngayon XD

My 2009 Life Goals

1 - use money wisely... spendless

2 - have an organize life
3 - will have a one week vacation with friends v(^,^)v

My 2009 Gadget Goals
1 - iPod nano 16GB with arm-band
2 - Nikon D90 *I hope I can get a good package* *pray*

So how about you~? (^^,)v

Happy New Year Everyone~!!

It's 12Am lah~ and it's January 01, 2009 loh~ I want to greet all the people in the world a Happy New Year~

A new chapter beginning to all of us~ may you all have a great 2009...

Take Care always~

way back 2008... 2008 question for you =D


Stayed single almost the whole year?
> Nope

Done something you've regretted?
> yes...

Lost someone?
> Nope

Cut class?
> Nope, 'cause I'm working already XD

Were involved in something you'll never forget?
> something? hm... XD~

Visited a different country?
> I WISH....

Cooked a gross meal?
> Nope...

Lost something important to you?
> Yeap

Got a gift you adore?
> yes!

Dyed your hair?
> Highlight my own hear, yeah! \m/

Came close to losing your life?
> Nope

Went to a party?
> yeap, yeap... a lot... =D

Read a great book?
> yes :)

Saw one of your favorite bands/artists live?
> ndi pa ='C

Did you meet any new friends this year?
> yes!

Did you dislike anyone?
> somewhat like that XD

Did you grow apart from anyone?
> nope

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
> one


2008: Your BIRTHDAY!

Did you have a cake?
> la eh XD

Did you get any presents?
> yes =)


2008: All about YOU

Did you change at all this year?
> just highlight my hair, on my own =D

Did you change your style?
> My own fashion

Were you in school?
> Nope

Did you get good grades?
> working na aku! =D

Did you have a job?
> yes

Did you drive?
> I just hope...

Did you own a car?
> How I wish XD

Did anyone close to you give birth?
> nope

Did you go on any vacations?
> Yes

Would you change anything about yourself now?
> nope


2008:Wrap UP:

Was 2008 a good year?
> So so =)

Do you think 2009 will top 2008?
> I just hope it will...


I confess that in 2008 I...
( ) stayed single for almost the whole year
( ) kissed in the snow (WTF?) -> parang may ganito sa pinas XD
( ) celebrated Halloween
( ) had your heart broken
( ) mooned someone
(x) went over the minutes on your cell phone
( ) came out of the closet
( ) gotten pregnant
( ) had an abortion
(x) done something you've regretted

( ) painted a picture
( ) wrote a poem
(x) ran a mile
( ) shopped at Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch
( ) posted a blog on Friendster
( ) visited a foreign country
( ) cut in a line of waiting people
( ) told someone you were busy when you weren't
(x) partied to celebrate the new year
( ) cooked a disastrous meal
( ) lied about how old you were
( ) prank called someone

In 2008 I...

[x] broke a promise
[ ] fell out of love. (heavily.)
[x] lied
[x} cried over a broken heart
[x] disappointed someone close
[x] hid a secret
[x] pretended to be happy
[ ] slept under the stars
[ ] kept your new years resolution
[ ] forgot your new years resolution
[x] met someone who changed your life
[ ] met one of your idols
[x] changed your outlook on life
[x] sat home all day doing nothing
[x] pretended to be sick
[ ] left the country
[ ] almost died
[x] given up on something/someone important to you
[x] lost something expensive
[x] learned something new about yourself
[x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
[x] made a change in your life
[x] found out who your true friends were
[x] met great people
[x] stayed up til sunrise
[x] cried over the silliest thing
[x] had friends who were drifting away from you
[x] had a high cell phone bill

What's yours? =D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Born in the Year of the Dog : Year of the Ox 2009 Forecast and Prediction

Just want to share this article, I saw this link from a friend of mine.. enjoy~

The Dog (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) should brace himself for many changes in 2009. These changes which could go to extremes are either good or bad. Then again, having many happy and joyful events can help the Dog avoid the bad and negative events from happening. That is because happy events like having a baby, getting a new house or getting married can offset any mishaps and redirect any negative energy towards the positive direction.

Dogs are also advised to stay on the move or be mobile. By being always on the move and consciously introducing changes to his life, the Dog can turn negative energy into good ones. It would be a good year to pursue plans of working abroad or going overseas, same goes true in renovating the house.

There are two lucky stars shining on the Dog in 2009, these are Hua Gai and Sui Jia. The star Hua Gai represents artistic ability, intelligence and inspiration. This means that Dogs in the creative and design businesses would be more productive as they get lots of inspiration and at the same time enjoy more appreciation and recognition in the year of the Ox. With the star Sui Jia which represents progress and career promotion, the Dog can really look forward to a brighter year with a good chance of getting good career luck and better development.
The stars that the Dog should watch out for are the unlucky stars Jian Feng, Fu Shi, Huang Fan and San Xing. San Xing connotes poor human relationships while Jian Feng means injuries brought about by metal objects. By donating blood or getting the teeth cleaned by the dentist, the Dog can avoid these injuries. He is also advised to attend more joyful occasions as this could further boost his luck. If it is really necessary for the Dog to handle metal objects, he should be careful and he should always wear protection.

Fu Shi is a star that can bring poor communication between family members, this could even lead to arguments. This star can also affect the Dog’s health adversely which can be offset by doing more good deeds. And while the star Sui Jia would be bringing the Dog good career luck, the star Huang Fan would in turn be bringing in immense mental pressure that is associated with the Dog’s success. This can cause the Dog to work harder in order to achieve success. He is also advised to take extra caution and make sure to have enough time to rest, in spite of his busy work schedule.

Truly, the year of the Ox could be here sooner than we expect it to be and it is never really too early to prepare. The Chinese New Year Calendar has so much influence even in the western influenced countries that more people are looking forward to the changing of every year, especially those who are not having a good year at present.

for more and other info, just click this link

Friday, December 26, 2008

Did you enjoy your Christmas 2008?

It's December 26, 2008, did you enjoy your Christmas? I hope you do :) 'cause I did (^^,)v so... how did your Christmas go?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Hello guys, to all people in the world and to all the people who are reading my blog... I want to greet you "a Merrry Christmas to you and your family" I hope you and your family have a great Christmas this year (^^,)v

Sunday, December 21, 2008

December Season

Christmas is just around the corner, people are here and there, rushing on buying Christmas present for their family, relatives and loved ones. This what I had experience these past two days at Greenhills and Makati (Glorietta, Landmark and Greenbelt) People rushing here and there to buy gifts, and it's a crowd I can say =.= but at the same time I enjoy window shopping :) thanks to my friend and of course my bf to accompany me. Just want to share pic what I bought from Greenhills...
cute three necklace that I bought from tyange and I really quite had a hard time to find these cute necklace, 'cause there are other stall who sell so expensive -o- and not in the reasonable price, so.. while walking, I saw another stall selling the same kind of necklace and at last I get to find a cheap with the same kind of necklace, and yes these are just fancy necklace 'cause they are cheap, but hey they're cute =D well, this necklace might also serve as one of a christmas gifts for myself =D aside from the BDJ Planner =p and one to come =D i hope I can get to buy it on wednesday =D

another thing that I want to share is the picture above, an Hello Kitty store soon to open at Greenbelt 5 Makati!! wee at last I can get to buy some Hello Kitty stuffs that I want =D I just hope that the price is reasonable, because openning a boutique at Greenbelt 5 prices are range from minimum of 5digit in peso =p

Guess I will go to sleep now XD 'cause it's quite late already here (in the Phlippines) =p and I still need to wake up early for my cleaning continuation XD and I still have quite a back pain ='C

Hope you guys have a great weekend this week and Hope you guys will also have a good day tomorrow (^^,)/

So.. good night, sleep tight guys~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Updates + Vacation

For Updates : I got my laptop last Saturday but I get to use it just yesterday 'cause I setup our network connection here at home and I also install some software for my laptop to be protected. Now I can get to update my site and blog every now and then when I get home. Unlike before, I need few minute time to update my site and blog after my work hours and before I go home which I fail to do and having hard time to maintain it. 'Cause I am so busy at work and all I want is to go home and rest. Now I got my laptop and now is the chance to catch up where I left off. As for vacation; Today, is my vacation day 3, but can I call this vacation? 'cause I'm cleaning my room and some trashes XD but I can say I enjoy =D it's not that I don't enjoy my work, it's just that I really need a break or I'll be the one who will break down XD as far as I can say, I am enjoying my vacation, 'cause I get to do what I want to do.

Christmas is just around the corner have you prepare your gifts to your loved ones, relatives and friends, 'cause we only have few days to go.... =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

random rant....

Well, this is just a random updates of my life, and right now I want to write this blog because certain people really so immature. Why there are some people saying they are mature but they act immature? By cannot face the fact by themselves. This really pissed me and I really hate these kind of people. Imagine, older than you and claiming that they know more or a lot than you. The worst part is that, he/she is nearly getting married, but still he/she still stay the same "what an" attitude that annoy people. I really wonder, how his/her partner treat, tolerate, or even endure this kind of attitude. And his/her attitude really annoy and affect a lot of people. Some other people told me that "let him/her be." "let he/she do what she want" "bahala siya" etc. I said "he/she will not change! because you always let him/her do what she want. this kind of person cannot change unless he/she get to collide with someone who has the same attitude as hers or who can fight back, like me or it can be other people." I know, some of you will say that, you are just digging your own grave or looking for a problem or naghahanap ng sakit ng ulo. but this kind of people should not be tolerated, 'cause they won't learn. If they won't learn anything or something by the time we collide... well, all I can say is "good luck to him/her, that when then day comes and she get to taste her own poison, she is strong enough to take it or accept it. 'Cause I can say, there are people out there who are a lot meaner than me and worst than my attitude who fight back of what he/she had done.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What is your wishlist?

Christmas is now just around the corner, let's share wishlist...

Well, my wishlist for Christmas are :

1. Hellolulu Canvas lapotop tote - this product line features cotton canvas construction with weather resistant treatment (a.k.a. water proof_ =D

2. Nikon D90

3. Ipod nano chromatic 16GB

Why these 3? As for the Hellolulu Canvas laptop tote, is for my extra bag if ever I will wash my timbuk2 laptop bag. For Nikon D90, at last, because of my friend, I found my passion, the thing I love most to do that I had almost forgotten, is taking pictures. I will invest this camera for my future. Ipod nano chromatic, a music player on the go, 'cause right now I am using my bf's mp3.

I just hope that my wish will come true =p kahit isa sa tatlo =p

What are you wishlist for this Christmas?

picture credits : all over the internet

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

World is so small isn't it? a.k.a. Small world

Been experiencing this, these past few months of this year, you never really expect that a person who become your friend is also a friend of your friend, a relative of your friend, a friend of your relative, a classmate of the person you know or a classmate of your relatives. And this happen a lot of times to me and I find it funny and always say "World is so small"

1. was my bf brother is my sister highschool classmate;
2. my bf brother is a friend of my friend;
3. the wife of my bf bro is the former classmate of a friend of mine;
4. my bf's cousin, kinda know my friend on their school, since my friend is 4 years higher batch.
6. the daughter of my fathers' friend, who became my sister god father on her wedding, was the former classmate of a friend of mine too;
6. is that my sister fiancee's cousin was my former co-worker

Thinking of this experience just makes me smile and I can say it's really a such a small world, who could be next? so how about you?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will you cosplay next year? What new character will you cosplay?

These are the questions I get from some of my few friends, well my answer is "I'm sure on one event only, and that will be the OzineFest '09, but I'm not sure on the other events. But I will still attend the other events even I will not cosplay" What Character will I cosplay? I'm not going to Cosplay new character *sad but true* 'cause I have to budget my money on my other goals and that affect my future goal. And some of my friend already know what it is, if you are reading this.

If got some extra cash, I might cosplay again on 2010, yes it's so far but have to plan, 'cause I plan to cosplay a character and the costume is hard to make. So see you on the other a future events :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thank you.... from Rider

Hi... really sorry for very late post of thank you letter... due to hectic schedule and heavy load from my work... but as they say, 'better late than never', right... I just hope for those people who read this, they'll also appreciate it :)

My thank you :

First of all, I would like to thank you Mang Carding, my costume maker, who help me till the end. without him, my costume might not finish on time. To my photographer friend, Marc, Robin, Paul, and other photographer that Robin called XD To Jaz, who was also there, even for just a little while in visiting and accompanying me for a little while. To my bestfriend Garry who help me maintain my wig and stuffs. To hot mama Gaylee Gayle, who even just drop by in the event. And of course, last but not the least, to the special someone on my heart, my sweet angel, who accompany me from the very first till the very end of the event and also who assist me in my costime and my wig XD~ . And as for my courage, I would like to thank Marc, Robin, Garry, Jaz, Garry and my sweet angel. It's a big thing for me, for those people who visit me or just drop by for few hours, and I really appreciate it and would never forget it. Even so, I can still feel their support. As for the award, I would also like to thank the judges for choosing me as the Otakuzine Pick, I really didn't expect it. This also add up my happiness. And to the audience, I hope I had given joy to you.

My thank you :

Cosplay Mania, is the second time that I join Cosplay again. I got to see Mang Carding again and got to have picture with him. He told me "Swerte naman ang ginawan ko, dami gusto magpapicture sayo" "Swerte ako! Dahil sayo ako nagpagawa at dahil hindi niyo po ako pinabayaan" I replied and we're both happy on each other, me being his client and he being my costume maker. My friend photographer Marc, Robin, Paul was also there to take some shots of me, and of course with the other cosplayers XD~ with my surprise I didn't know that my bestbud did go also together with Chardy and his wife sistah Avic! *miss you* and also ahia Art for being there visit me too (^^,)v and also my bestfriend Garry. Of course my sweet angel there to accompany me from the very beginning till the end of the event. I was really happy when ahia art told me that I have tarp hanging in the event and I really didn't expect that I will got in the top 30. 'Cause first, I pass and register my photo quite late already and getting in the top 30 Animax Maximum Cosplay Photo Resume Contest did give me challenge because there are a lot of people who register for the Animax contest. when I register for the photo contest, I think I was in 1k+ contestant and I can also say that there are a lot of promising cosplayers who register, and I mean A LOT XD~ Aside from that, getting in the Top 2 for the Animax Maximum Cosplay Photo Resume Contest give me a real shock and an additional big happiness to me that day *kulang na lang ma-tears of joy ako XD* Even not in the top 3 of the Cosplay Mania award is okay with me, because there are a lot of promising cosplayer in 150 contestant. But! getting in the Top 2 of Animax Maximum Cosplay Photo Resume Contest is also one of the big thing for me. It gave me big impact for people to appreciate me Cosplaying Rider of Fate/Stay Night, and I am very thankful to that.

For those who voted me on the
Animax Maximum Cosplay Photo Resume Contest, "THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH" without your votes, I will not be standing on that stage... Thank you very much....

From - Rider

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CosplayMania 2008

Another cosplay convention I attended. The experience was great, I get to meet new cosplayer, though not their real names. Venue was quite small for this kind of event, at first there was no cosplayers area like in the AniCon, so I change my costume at the restroom. Then few hours later, the host announce that there will be a cosplayers area and I said "Buti naman meron" but then I couldn't find it at first due to over crowd people in the area. And then me and my boyfriend first saw the Baggage area XD instead of the cosplayers area, then we left few of our baggage since we got 5, then afterwards we look for the cosplayers area and glad we found it and have a seat. Cosplay catwalk is about to start at 4pm so all cosplayers were called to their notice. While waiting in the cosplayers area we cosplayers got really toasted at the area due to over crowd cosplayers. The catwalk stage was big enough for catwalk naman. Except yung sa pagakyat kasi nakaslant yun eh TT_TT and it give me a very hard time to go up and down the stage kasi nadudulas ako *:o* glad there are volunteer and marshals to help me XD As for the venue, it was over crowd for the people who visit there, kasi ang hirap maglakad lakad dahil sa sobrang sikip. I saw other cosplayer outside the Hall due to over crowd people inside the hall. That's why I only stay at one location inside the hall, which is near the Cosplay work shop =p

It was early that I changed clothes, because I was kinda tired maybe because of the event also, sikip kasi XD

few days before this event, I was praying and hoping that I will catch up and get in the 30 contestant for the Animax Maximum Cosplay Photo Resume Contest kasi super delay na ako nagpass ng picture ko, kasi sa AniCon lang ako nagkaroon ng picture ng cosplay ko XD and that was Oct 7 *I think* During the event, at first I didn't saw my tarp so I told myself "better luck next time" then my friend told me "ey! saw you on a tarp" then I said "wow~ really?! where?!" Then he point where my tarp was hang, I was so happy because I got in, 'cause there are a lot of people who post in the Resume Contest and I got in the 30 =) 'cause there are a lot of promising cosplayers who post for the Photo Resume Contest also. When it was awarding time for the Animax Maximum Cosoplay Photo Resume Contest, ganda ng pagkakataon kasi I was just standing across the stage. As they are announcing nanonood lang ako while looking at the cute hats that the booth is selling. When they said, 2nd place goes to Resume #21, nagulat ako, I didn't expect it and syempre masaya din, sabi pa nga ng girl host, "kita ko siya kanina, asan na siya?" sabi naman ng guy host "Resume #21, where are you?" tawa nga ako habang naglalakad ako papunta sa stage. and it made me really happy na napili ako sa top 3 =) and I really want to thank all the people who vote me, dahil sa vote niyo nakapasok ako sa top 3, "maraming maraming salamat po. Thank you very very much" As the event end, it was kinda late na rin na nakuha ko tarp ko kasi tagal nila kuya T_T inaasar pa nga ako eh XD ihuli na daw ung akin... bad nila noh? XD pero still thanks.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

AniCon 2008

AniCon 2008, after 5 years... I attend this kind of convention again and also I didn't expect that I will cosplay again :p Before I told myself that I'm already 25, getting old already and must be mature but guess what cosplay prove me wrong and tell me that anyone can cosplay as long as you want too. For me, masasabi kong successful ang cosplay na ito kasi portray ko yung anime character na gusto ko. And I am also happy that the audience like it. Natuwa din ako kasi napasa ko rin ang mga audience. I didn't expect that I won on the special award as the Otakuzine Pick. And this give me a confidence to cosplay again. Hmm.. sino na kaya ang next character na cosplay ko?
I would like to thank you all the people who support me in this event, for Mang Carding as my weapon and costume maker through the last minute, hindi niya ako pinabayaan. The wig that I got from Manequinne Inc. To the photographers Marc Angelo Sy and Robinson Ang. And also to my bestfriend Garry for keeping me company from time to time and help me with my hair XD and also last but not the least to by very sweet sweet angel of my life, let's call him sweetangel :p I would like to thank him for keeping me company and help me all the time. With out you guys I don't know what will happen to me.

As for the event, the venue is quite small because there are a lot of PC's there for sameple gaming and 79 invidual cosplayer and 3 group cosplayers. And there are a lot of promising cosplayers I can say. Stage is quite small but I'm not complaining, because the event is AniCon not concentrate on anime only, it also includes gaming consoles. Pictures will be uploaded as soon I got the complete collection from those two photographers of mine :) Will there be a next AniCon? I wonder.... :)

I would also like to thank you sa award na nakuha ko as Otakuzine Pick, I really didn't expect it that I will get recognize :) syempre, happy din ako =D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Batang Yagit for the Win!

My votes for the Bloggers' Choice Award for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards goes to Batang Yagit. I don't know Batang Yagit in person, but I know he deserves this award because my best online buddy Jehzeel said so.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are you Korean? or Japanese?

These are always the question, when people ask me. Even when the first time they see me, they always wonder if I am a Korean or Japanese. At first, I really never get used to it but as years past, I started getting used to it, maybe because of my hairstyle? or the look?. But I always never get used to it when people stare me for quite long because it makes me think that a) Did I dress something wrong? b) Is there any problem with my hair? or c) Do I have something on my face.

Well, asking me if I am a Korean or Japanese now makes me flattering, becaue I'm just a plain pure Chinese girl, who was born here in the Philippines yet other people look me as foreigner. The cons are just my problem, specially when I will go to tyangge, or divisoria to buy something cheap, when they look at me and think I'm a foreigner they will call the price higher and they thought I don't know /pif, and that is really bad XD~ that's why sometimes I always wear a cap if I will go to tyangge so the cap might help me cover my face =p

Friday, August 29, 2008

difference between anger and hate

This is what I found in the internet, what is the meaning and difference between anger and hate. Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused and Hate is intense dislike. which are you? anger, hate or none?

another Sanuk sandals here, but this is for mens. This sandal is call Draggin' and it's the new , recently release

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A sunny day

today was a fine day, it didn't even rain and that's a good news =) well, as for work, still busy as a bee and time really flies so fast when you love what your working and also when you're really busy and didn't even notice the time =p

This was the picture I've taken this morning

And this was the picture taken this afternoon

It's really nice to see a clear sky like this and the feeling, I feel so relax. How about you guys?

While on the other side, got this new sandals for me =D
On the other side, got this new sandals for me, this sandals brand called Sanuk, ever heard of it? Sanuk store is open at Robinson Ermita, on the middle of the midtown area (forgot the floor), Glorietta, Mall of Asia. This shoe model called Scribble (for women) there's also Scribble (for men)

"These are not shoes, they're sandals" this is what they say and yes! it really is a sandals and not shoes.

want it? Hurry! visit Sanuk store nearest you! :) There are also other kinds of Sanuk sandals that you can choose :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

low pressure? darn?!

these past few days it always rain so hard, it started 5pm onwards then will flood all the manila area and it's very hard to go home. I heard on the new that Philippines is experiencing low pressure and will expect rain shower and thunderstorm. Today, it didn't rain hard and I'm glad because I'm working outside as of the moment while updating my blog since I quite lost track here. Sorry guys, for those who are keeping track of my blog. I really appreciate for those people who are dropping by my blog.

Also, two days ago, it's so "darn" this is all I can say what I'm feeling until right now. Because of all the people I have, I have those who are back stabber. Those who can do things behind your back, and I really don't understand why they do that and what they earn on that? And it's so ashamed because they are older than me and what they can only do was that? why don't they want to confront me? sa tagalog kasi "lokohan na makitungo sa mga tanong ganyan" and other people will say "hindi na pinapansin yung mga taong ganyan" and yes, it's right. But what if you see them everyday? Seeing them already make me sick even I don't talk to them and what's more worse is that they do something like that behind my back. I want to confront them but due to the age @_@ I cannot just in the form of respect. I told my bf "Seems like 'respect' is in not their dictionary" at kung walang ganyan sa dictionary nila, well might as well bastusan na.

Well, rant out ko lang ito XD~ I just hope you (people out there) don't experience something same like what I'm experiencing right now. Nakakabanas un eh @_@ Well, guys I just hope you have a nice weekend okay? Happy weekend ^^,v

Friday, August 01, 2008

Another New Month...

August 01, another new month for us. well, I just wish that I can have a good start, like on my work, studies and life. How about you guys? what awaits you? I hope you have another good start on august ^^,v

Happy day!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Learn Something New...

Last night, the moon was so perfect, round and bright alone in the sky. I told my mom that the moon was so beautiful and I told her to see it and when she saw he, she suddenly remember and said "oh, i suddenly remember, today in Chinese calendar, date it 15" Then I ask, what does it have to do with the 15th? She said "In Chinese calendar, every 15th day of the month, the moon is round" And me living for 25 years, I just knew it last night and it's something new to me =p

Why did I post this? because I like looking at the sky when nothing to do. Wherever I am, when I am outside I always look up the sky to look for the moon or the stars if they are any. I don't know why I always look up in the sky, but I get the feeling of peace whenever I always look up the sky or sea. And I like scenery that's why the first step that I've done is buying a digital camera for me to picture the scene I've never seen or it's so beautiful or capturing the best moment in anytime. Because best moment don't happen easily, it's just happen in just one click :)

here's the picture of the moon :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Rainy day ,Judgement day! -- wil miss my friends

Early morning today, or should I say since last midnight, manila started raining and it's raining hard. And today is also my Final Exam on my Intermediate 2 Japanese Language and I just hope I pass, because I still need 63 point in order to reach the half point of the grade. How about you guys? How's the weather on your country? Is is rainy also?

I also had my lunch out with my Japanese classmates, it's like enjoying the fullest on our last day because we do not know if we will still meet again or when we will meet again. Well, for me, one thing for sure is that I will miss them.... ...a lot...

... even just now, I already miss them... miss you my friends... hope to see you again and soon or should I say, ja matta ne~ kiwotsukette kudasai!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Well, after all the moving office thingy, this is the first saturday that I go to the office. I go to office to study, but it seems I'm wrong, because I do a little work and now it's already 4:21PM. Time really flies so fast when you're doing a lot of things. and also I decide to post a little here in my blog to keep you guys updated on what is happen to Angels' life ^^,v

Anyways, today I feel like it's a really a coincidence day and also a great day I can say because I got a surprise though I bought it but still I get to got my dream thing. And here the story goes, I walk from D.Jose Till Carriedo to pass by my bf shop because I was going to return his pain killer.

While I was walking along Carriedo, a lot of stuff toys caught my eyes, then I was thinking to go inside the shop. It's a surplus shop, they sell some second hand items and some surplus items while I was about to go inside, there was this big poster posted "Surplus items from Japan" and that's the time I decided to go inside. Because I felt that this might be a good chance that I can get something straight from Japan. At first I want to buy this 60cm transparent umbrella, because it's cute and still useful, it only cost P50. And then I go to the stuff toy section since that was my first aim, then I saw this blue teddy bear, it was kinda different that caught in my eyes. So I decided to buy, then I notice the necktie ribbon of the teddy bear it's A-nation. I look the bear clearly if it's really from A-nation Japan and GOSH! It's real, and I am not dreaming because this was the bear I wish to have one! so I ask this sales lady how much does the teddy bear cost, and it only cost P120 and I didn't hold back and get the bear. I was still on my shopping mode then I saw this little cute white stuff toy, it was called nanami-chan it was so cute then I decided to buy it. Nanami-chan cost P55. When I was about to go to cashier to buy these stuffs, I suddenly remember that I haven't bring a lot of money, well it's my bad, because it was a surprise for me to pass by a shop like that and I have only bring along few money. So I decided to give up the transparent umbrella.

While I was still on shopping, there's someone shouting saying "Those are original from Japan and you get it cheap here" it was sorta marketing for that and I think that guy is the owner or one of the owner. paying I was asking for discount =p then this cashier gave me 8% discount and I was happy because still that 8% was a discount. Then while I was on my way out, the guy *who is shouting before* approach me and give me a shake hand and thank me. And he also bow to me, so my hunch became bigger because I think he's a Japanese. Because only a Japanese owner or manager approaches customer personally and talk to customer personally even just saying "Thank you"

this was the A-nation teddy bear I was talking about ^^v

and this was Nanami-chan I was talking about.
Aren't these two cute? ^^v

Well, just want to share my happiness to the world ^^v Have a nice weekend guys! and Take Care always

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mozilla’s Firefox 3.0 Coming on June 17

Just an update for those people who's using Mozilla Firefox as their default Internet Browser just like me. Mozilla Firefox will release it's version 3.0 on June 17! and it's official! Right now you can download their Candidate release at their website, for testing.

Join the pledge! And let us set Firefox 3 on Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hrs.

What's new on Firefox 3?
More Secure : it has it's Malware protection, Web Forgery protection, Anti-virus integration and it has better protection against cross-site JSON data leaks
Easier to Use : easy password management, simplified add-ons installation, Resumable download
More Personal : Quick add bookmark, Tags, Smart Bookmarks folder, Places organizers, Web-based protocol handlers
Improved Performance : Speed -- means more faster browsing and with Javascript clock speed, Memory usage -- with less memory usage, Reliability

For more info, click here!

credits : picture that I get randomly on the internet.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12 -- Independence Day!

Today is the day that Philippines celebrate Independence Day! The day Philippines gain freedom.  And guess what?  All LRT1, LRT2, MRT Station get free ride from 5am till 9am then 5pm till 7pm.  Since the original Holiday was move to June 9, so we get to work today June 12.  I just hope that I have few loads on my work today too =p

Have a nice day guys~ Take Care! ^^,v

Thursday, June 05, 2008

TO : Sizzlin' Pepper Steak Trinoma Branch

To whoever read this, I just want to share my experience with this restaurant. And I want to reach this out to all the people in the world, specially for those who are residing and visiting here in the Philippines. and also to the owner of the branch to check his/her staff on what they are really doing.

The first time I visit Sizzlin' Pepper Steak House in Trinoma Branch, me and my boyfriend got a good service from this Female Manger, if I remember it correctly, her name was Myla or Maila * I do not remember the right spelling loh~ XD~ * But anyways, she accommodate us with a good customer service and the service was fast even they have only few staffs. That's the time I decide that if I go to Trinoma again, I will eat at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak again

The second time me and my boyfriend decided to eat at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak because we got a good service before. June 01, 2008, the very first day of June that made me piss off and this was a total different from before, a total vise versa. When we got in the restaurant (6:30 PM), I didn't have the good vibe from the girl who accommodate us. Just when I saw her face, she don't have the friendly smile to the customer and good customer service. That was the first strike. When we sat down, we decide what to order, it took us 5 minutes to decide. When we're about to order, no waiter or any staff approach to us, even we raise our hand for quite some time. It took us 10 minutes for the staffs to wait for us (6:45 PM). And that was the time I decide and count how many minutes do they take their services. The drinks came so fast so I thought it was a coupe up for us. I waited my soup for 10 minutes (6:55 PM) still excusable for me because I know how long a soup cook. We waited the food for almost 30 minutes plus. During our waiting on our food, around 20 minutes had pass (7:15 PM), we were raising our hand for our follow up. but no waiter approach us again, that was the time I start getting irritated again. This was strike 3. I was looking around the restaurant, other people who get in the restaurant and order later than us, they got their order faster than us. after 5 minutes (7:20 PM)(we were still raising our hand) at last a waiter approach us and ask what we need, my bf told the waiter that we are following up the food that we order, and the waiter said that he will check out our order, but he never get back to us. The girl I was talking about before, who don't have the friendly smile, just pass by us, even we are still raising our hand, as if we were not there or even not existed (that was so rude). I told my boyfriend that I'm pissed off already and if the time reach 7:30 PM I will walk out this restaurant and pay what we only have, which is our drinks and the soup only. And it was only 3 minutes left, to reach 7:30 PM. During that 10 minutes I was looking around the restaurant and looking to the girl, who always got the not good look, like she's in a bad mood. I told my bf, that when you are working on a restaurant and if you are not in the good mood, you cannot show it to the customer, because that's bad. I also saw their POS counter, and there is a highlight word said "Always wear a SMILE to your customer". I told my bf that what is the use of the highlighted word in the POS counter if they are not using it. And the girl even don't have her name tag pin on and she's the only one person who don't wear her name tag. All the staff are wearing it. We got our food around 7:27 PM, my bf told the waiter "Ang tagal ha.." and it's like the waiter didn't hear it because he never even say "sorry" to us and just accommodated us. when the waiter left us, I told my bf that what he had done to us is not enough for the very long time that we waited. And that is also the time that we decided that we might not go back and eat at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak if we go to Trinoma again.

Even if they reason out that they have few staffs on that they, why still other people who got in the restaurant and order food later than us got their order first than us. And also, even when the first time we ate there, they also had few staffs and there are a lot of customers too. but we got our good service. And this second time, (base on my observation) the customer are just okay, not to many and not to few. There are not people who are in the waiting area in that time. But why their service are so slow?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still a mess XD

well, as for work as you can see my table is still a mess, after the movement to our new location of our office and guess what, my PC broke XD~. Because we still have a lot of things to do @_@ and I assume that after a month I can break free and fix up my PC and table =D

Monday, April 07, 2008

april days...

wow! days really past so fast and I didn't realize that it's April already ~.~ and wow! it's very hot here in the Philippines, as the weather forecast says, Philippines will be having a hot June T_T oh man, I just hope I can tolerate the weather T_T Really sorry guys, for those people who are reading my blog I am very sorry for the very very slow updates.

well, as for work, I've been very busy all along, starting mid-March. Because our office is moving to a new location and there are a lot of things (as the word says, A LOT OF THINGS) need to polish and be implemented and we don't have a lot of time, because there are also a lot of concerns about the new location. Well, all I can say is new location, new people and new problem XD~ well, I just hope things will be okay as days goes by....

and as for my personal life, I'm getting thiner due to my busy work T_T and there are a lot of people told me to eat more XD~ but hey! how can I eat more if I'm so busy at my work and when I got home all I want is to sleep but of course, talk to my sweet angel is in the list before sleeping :p We are now 2 years already and going strong, and I pray we go till the end. Well, got to go guys, really for the very slow update, but I promise I will coupe up with you guys, once I got out of my cage XD~

God bless you guys and have a happy weekdays as the way it should start ^^,v

Thursday, March 20, 2008

slow pace....

Hi guys... really sorry if my blog is in a slow pace of update these past few months and weeks... due to my work sched, it was so hectic and really busy. But I promise that I will try my best to update my blog every now and then and I won't stop posting... nothing can stop me from posting... Have a nice Holy week guys ^^v

Thursday, February 21, 2008

... Reasons...

We live our life eversince the day we were born, I know that there's a reason why we were born, because there is something for us to do in to this world. Some of us, find the reason to live and to live stronger but does the reason really necessary? Does the reason should always be there? Even expressing your feelings? Do we have to have a reason to express our feelings? and should be acceptable by others? And if not acceptable by others you lose? I know life is unfair but why? well, I know other people will say 'that's life, so life sucks' but why it have to be that way? Some other people will say that, maybe that's the way how they care or concern about you... but why they cannot feel that they are already hurting that person? If they really care about that person they should also know and feel how the person feel... I just hope... I just really hope.... that one day... one day... that will come....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heart shape for you...

Heart Shape to all the people in the world... Hope you guys did enjoy your Valentine's Day :) as for me I did enjoy =) Happy weekend ^^v

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Heart's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all people all over the world ^^,v hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day with your love ones

1 day to go ^^v

Hi guys, I guess some of you with couples or not are excited about Hearts day~ and it's only 1 day away, well.. here in the Philippines :p I just wish all of the people in the world that hope you guys enjoy your Valentine's Day~

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February -- Month of Hearts ^^v

February is also knows as the months of hearts and as for me, I still have a lot of work stuffs to do =p and I really need to finish it asap or my boss will kill me xp~ just kidding boss, if you ever pass by my blog =p I wish a lot of people will be happy on the hearts day and enjoy their day with their love ones =)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 05 sweet angel apart

well, technically today is day 5 already because it's pass 12am of wednesday lah~ XD well, days are still the same for me but after I heard your voice last Sunday night, I feel much better and I somehow become worry free. But of course you cannot let me feel a little worry because you are apart me, I always think of you, like how are you doing there? Area you okay there? are you eating well there? and many other things. As these past few days past and somehow we have our communication quite back to normal, I am very happy that you are okay there and you eat well :) well, about the hotel thing... hmm... maybe you just got out of luck XD but still I want you to live well there. After we have our chat last night (because today is already thursday lah~ XD) I feel much better and better because you're okay and very fine there and I am happy that you are eating and living well there, but there is only one problem... I miss you so much my sweet angel.. hope I can see you soon :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 1 without sweet angel....

I thought it would be easy but I realize today, it's not... I know it's just a week but I already misses him so much even at this moment. This really makes me sad, somehow I want to let myself get busy on my work so it won't let me feel sad for a while but my heart can't, right now my heart is getting even with my brain. This is what I am, when my heart speaks I brain can't work properly, I hope I can survive this.

And as for you my sweet angel, I will always pray for you to keep you safe always....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 lah~

Though it's quite late lah~ but still better late than never =D welcome 2008 and in the beginning of the year, I wish all the people in the world to have a great 2008 ^^v and as for me, wish me luck on my life, my age of + 1 and also my work XD~ take care guys :D