Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Born in the Year of the Dog : Year of the Ox 2009 Forecast and Prediction

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The Dog (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) should brace himself for many changes in 2009. These changes which could go to extremes are either good or bad. Then again, having many happy and joyful events can help the Dog avoid the bad and negative events from happening. That is because happy events like having a baby, getting a new house or getting married can offset any mishaps and redirect any negative energy towards the positive direction.

Dogs are also advised to stay on the move or be mobile. By being always on the move and consciously introducing changes to his life, the Dog can turn negative energy into good ones. It would be a good year to pursue plans of working abroad or going overseas, same goes true in renovating the house.

There are two lucky stars shining on the Dog in 2009, these are Hua Gai and Sui Jia. The star Hua Gai represents artistic ability, intelligence and inspiration. This means that Dogs in the creative and design businesses would be more productive as they get lots of inspiration and at the same time enjoy more appreciation and recognition in the year of the Ox. With the star Sui Jia which represents progress and career promotion, the Dog can really look forward to a brighter year with a good chance of getting good career luck and better development.
The stars that the Dog should watch out for are the unlucky stars Jian Feng, Fu Shi, Huang Fan and San Xing. San Xing connotes poor human relationships while Jian Feng means injuries brought about by metal objects. By donating blood or getting the teeth cleaned by the dentist, the Dog can avoid these injuries. He is also advised to attend more joyful occasions as this could further boost his luck. If it is really necessary for the Dog to handle metal objects, he should be careful and he should always wear protection.

Fu Shi is a star that can bring poor communication between family members, this could even lead to arguments. This star can also affect the Dog’s health adversely which can be offset by doing more good deeds. And while the star Sui Jia would be bringing the Dog good career luck, the star Huang Fan would in turn be bringing in immense mental pressure that is associated with the Dog’s success. This can cause the Dog to work harder in order to achieve success. He is also advised to take extra caution and make sure to have enough time to rest, in spite of his busy work schedule.

Truly, the year of the Ox could be here sooner than we expect it to be and it is never really too early to prepare. The Chinese New Year Calendar has so much influence even in the western influenced countries that more people are looking forward to the changing of every year, especially those who are not having a good year at present.

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