Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My horscope for the Month of March

Got this from my friend ate Haze from the site Horoscope AOL XD

And here it is : for Aquarius

Draw Inward
Aquarius Love Horoscope for March

You could be feeling a little foggy for the first three weeks of March. It's not that you'll lose sight of reality but that you may find yourself wanting to escape from it more. Instead of being your ordinarily sociable self, you might find yourself looking for quiet corners away from people so you don't have to maintain conversations and conviviality. Protect yourself now, Aquarius, since self-care is especially important this month. You're not the type to baby yourself, yet a little more TLC could do you a world of good. If you're not as generous with others, it's a signal that you need to keep your energy for yourself.

With the Sun meeting your electric ruling planet Uranus on March 12, though, you're bound to feel a buzz. This could be the excitement of a new person or activity that spins your heart in a different direction. Yet it can also come in the form of restlessness and impatience that makes you jumpy and less able to listen to what others have to say. You're likely to become more comfortable as of March 20 when the Sun enters your chatty 3rd House of Communication. This is excellent for spontaneous connections and conversations when you're out and about. Meeting someone should become easier now, although turning a little chat into something more intimate may not be easy. Revisit your old haunts, the places (real world and online) where you have met others in the past. There may be sparks to be found in there that can get the fire of love burning again.

I just hope that I'll be okay on March and I will survive the challenges =D
What's yours? (^^,)v


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