Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My horscope for the Month of March

Got this from my friend ate Haze from the site Horoscope AOL XD

And here it is : for Aquarius

Draw Inward
Aquarius Love Horoscope for March

You could be feeling a little foggy for the first three weeks of March. It's not that you'll lose sight of reality but that you may find yourself wanting to escape from it more. Instead of being your ordinarily sociable self, you might find yourself looking for quiet corners away from people so you don't have to maintain conversations and conviviality. Protect yourself now, Aquarius, since self-care is especially important this month. You're not the type to baby yourself, yet a little more TLC could do you a world of good. If you're not as generous with others, it's a signal that you need to keep your energy for yourself.

With the Sun meeting your electric ruling planet Uranus on March 12, though, you're bound to feel a buzz. This could be the excitement of a new person or activity that spins your heart in a different direction. Yet it can also come in the form of restlessness and impatience that makes you jumpy and less able to listen to what others have to say. You're likely to become more comfortable as of March 20 when the Sun enters your chatty 3rd House of Communication. This is excellent for spontaneous connections and conversations when you're out and about. Meeting someone should become easier now, although turning a little chat into something more intimate may not be easy. Revisit your old haunts, the places (real world and online) where you have met others in the past. There may be sparks to be found in there that can get the fire of love burning again.

I just hope that I'll be okay on March and I will survive the challenges =D
What's yours? (^^,)v

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a problem week is what I can say...

This week, starting monday till yesterday, I can say is a problem week, and it's always our smtp server problem. It detects lacks of space but when we do df or df -h it says we only occupy 54% of the HDD, Monday and Tuesday was not quite a major problem because after a restart the service get back to normal. So I was happy, because Wednesday was a productive day for me. Yesterday, Thursday, I was just about to toothbrush then suddenly call me on my mobile and it says that it's e-mail problem again, then I told my friend to restart the e-mail then we hung up. Then I do my toothbrush fast and rush to the office, but of course I cannot rush that fast 'cause I have a 20minute time of commute and guess what? in the time of rush, the LRT station have a lot of people and train passes by me are full and crowded, then I told myself "oh great! what a day~!" In times of need, these problem arises +.+ then I met my friend at the LRT station we have some few chitchat then the next train we got it. I rush in the office to fix the problem, but the problem keep coming back and that's the time I tempted to call the technical support for our puremessage service. Then I called, but the phone is too far from our server so I have to say "wait" to the person I'm talking to at the phone then go to the server then go out again afterwards. And he says that the problem is not the puremessage but the HDD, I ask "how come when we do df, it didn't detect it?" he says that "maybe it was not setup to detect" so I say okay~ it was our side of fault =.= Then my boss restart the server and the e-mail service got back to normal but after 15 minutes the problem came back again =.= then we found that the archive was the problem, as we try to delete the archives, waw~! it took 10minutes to delete one =,= so right now, I am delete the archives at my PC at the office over night, I just hope when I get in the office tomorrow the deletion is finish. And I also hope that tomorrow will be a productive day for me~

Good night guys~ my eyes are heavy now and will go to sleep lah~

Friday, February 13, 2009

2 weeks updates

Nearly 2 weeks had pass and I still haven't update my blog due to my busy sched at work =.= the first monday to wednesday was so hectic, I was at the LRT Station waiting for the train but there was a lot of people, even 9am pass already =.= it was full full of person... 5 train had pass by me and I'm still on the same Station waiting for a lrt with much lesser person 'cause the 5 LRT who pass the station by was so so crowded and people inside the train won't give way @_@ even the middle part of the train is not that crowd already, 'cause all person in the want to stay in the doorway and I told myself "WTH?! why these dumn people don't want to give way to other people~?!?!" and that was the reason why I was late on february 4 =.= But they, on February 5 and 6, all of a sudden, there's a vacant seat that I can seat on the girls side of the LRT and that's new and that was also 9am plus. Of course, all people cal seat either the early morning train or the last train. weekend was fine and still doing the same house chorse. hahahahaha. Sunday was find 'cause I had a date with my bf and he had finally bought a new head unit for his car =D but we didn't got to grocerry anymore because the person who setup the head unit was so slow, it's like he is unexperience =.= oh well...

the 2nd week was a good week for me so far, except my madness trigger again -o- and had a pile of work load~ ~.~ that really give me near madness, it's like I cannot think right on work, my work reflexes are slow and I get disturb and easily get angry and get affected all the time. Feeling gave me burn out and it's like letting me I had a mental problem, but glad I got recovered and had pull myself together. but still I need time for myself for recovery.

These are the updates of me for the past two weeks. And hey~ it's already 12am here in the Philippines and I'm starting to get sleepe... so I guess, my entry ends here as of the moement~ Happy Valentine's Day to all the people in the world and Good Night~

Saturday, February 07, 2009

February -- month of heart...? XD

Month of February and one week already pass. Month of February and Feb14 is getting near fast, left and right, up and down, front and back, here and there, all my friends are saying "valentines, valentines and valetines" like "valentines is in the air", "buti pa ang calendar may date","looking for a date", and etc. well, it's true, valentines is getting near, and all you can hear is about valentines XD but for me, still days are really fast that pass us by =C and for me, I haven't do anything productive in my life. And prediction for the year of the dog this year is a very challenging year, I just hope I can surpass the challenge.

How about you guys~ How's your first month of 2009? How did it go~ (^^,)v