Monday, December 18, 2006

奇跡。。。 希望。。。

Miracle really do happen in life, I am not just saying this now because it just happen now, but I really do... it's just that, I do believe more because it really happen to me... not only me but to me and my family... It was really a miracle, every since that my grand mother confine at the hospital and very little improvement, we are not only physically tired but also mentally tired because we always think of her and worried, because we want her to recover fast and don't want to let her feel suffer... I am not blaming my grand mother that giving us hardship in worry but she's been a part of our family for almost many years... look she's 101 years old already and I am proud...

until last Sunday morning, my dad finally decide to let her go... my father already talk to his siblings about it and ready also to tell the doctor to let grand mother go.. but when he's about to tell the doctor, guess what our doctor said? "Hey, your grand mother is very strong did you know that? heart beat is slowly beating back to normal. Medicine that she's taking start lessening. If her case will improve always in few weeks later, she's out of danger...." the Doctor said. When my father heard, he was stun, not stun of shock but stun of happiness. My father got home and told us the news we where very happy, and he also told us that grand mother somehow opened her eyes. That's a good sign right?

We do hope for miracle in life and we also do hope that miracle happen but not always. But I think we do not choose who to believe to give us the miracle we want but they are the ones' who choose us to make us a miracle. They choose who has strong belief and strong faith and that is how they help us. Don't blame your religion if they don't make the miracle the way you want it. That only means that your belief and strong faith is not enough. And you still have doubts. We all say that we have strong belief and faith in them but in the back of our thoughts if there's still a doubt (even if we don't see it) they can see and feel it. But if you feel that you really have strong belief and faith, and if the miracle that you are hoping for didn't happen, maybe the time hasn't come yet or it wasn't meant for what you are wishing for or the time has come to let go. I know a quote that "Doubt is easy to built than trust" and that is true it proves, it's always in front of us, we just don't want to see it, we just don't want to face it and we just don't want to accept it. It's true that it's easier to say than to do but we have to face the fact that, that is the cycle of life. All we have to do is to be strong.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

In Life...

In life, anything can happen anytime... you'll never predict what will happen next... seconds later, minutes later, hour later, day later... Life is too broad to predict even you can predict ones' future, you somehow still cannot avoid the happenings because it's faith. But we can change our faith by working out our present, but that won't work all the time. Every second, every minute, every hour, everyday counts. Love everything what is in your life, cherish everything what you have right now before it's gone. Be contented on what you have right now, never wish more that what can give. Life is like a bridge that we are crossing, well never know there is a hole in front of it. We might fall but sometimes we are rescue by the people around us, but sometimes in life that hole that you fall is meant to happen that we cannot do anything about it but to hold on to the hope and have strong faith that we will be saved. But if there is no one there to rescue you... it's true, life is unfair it can never be fair. You'll ask the question why, but that really meant to happen. That's why cherish everything what we have right now in life and be contented...


Judgment day already pass... it's yesterday... it was my exam on Japanese. I really wish I will pass the exam... on the first part of the exam, I got 40/100 I need 80 points to pass >.<
My friend says that I will pass, I just hope that I really will pass... it's just that my mind cannot help but to always doubt, I don't want to think that loh~ but it kept me thinking... now all I need is have a miracle to have 80 points to pass... I really hope that I will pass too... I really need to pass... i really want... just pray for me that I will pass, I will I will...

Have faith my Angel, you will pass the exam. you will, I know you can do it... even your friend is cheering you that means they believe in you :D stay strong, don't think negative. Because the more you think it negative the more negative aura will get near you... think positive okay, positive aura will be always by your side ;) Good luck my dear Angel...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

now I know...

Few years before... I never fully understand why my best friend kept me the time what had happen to his grandmother. And I've also confront him, and I told him that I thought I was his best friend and what is the use of being close when keeping things to each other. I know that there are things that shouldn't be told to others but still there are some should. Right now, me and my family are facing a big challenge of our lives. My grandmother is already living for centuries, I know it's hard to believe but it's true. Last Wednesday (December 06, 2006) was her 101st birthday... but her Chinese birthday was November 16, 1907. 101 is count on the Chinese calendar. On that day, we never thought that the shock might happen to her. I thought that I am already strong enough to face all the types of challenges in my life but I was wrong... I am still very very weak.

Right now, my grandmother is confine in the hospital. Medicine are the only thing that is pushing her to live and make her live. She can hear, feel... I know that, but it's just that she cannot wake up anymore because of the brain damage. Me and my family really hope for a big miracle, and hope that will happen. But if not, please give us the sign first before getting our grandmother. She's important to us. If she really want to release the line please give us line so we will be strong in releasing the line also. Until now, no sign is given that is why we are still holding tight the line not to let her go. I know, you guys will say 'that's life, we should learn to let go and move on' That's true in life. But it's harder doing it than say.. just give us the sign... just one sign...

None of my friend know this, unless one but still it isn't my best friend. Now I know and understand how my best friend feel when his grandmother was confine in the hospital... I am really sorry my dearest best friend, I just hope that in that time, I understand you first than confronting you... Hope you'll forgive me...

Sunday, December 10, 2006


There's a lot of surprises in life.. I thought I will always be ready for that... but I was wrong... I was soo weak and unprepare... when will I learn from those experience to be stronger than ever?

Christmas is getting near... only 15 days to go... what are you guys doing for Christmas? Hope you guys will have a great Christmas this year... ^^v

Monday, December 04, 2006


There goes my exam yesterday... there was a lot of people there and it's a very little chance that I might get on top... I just wish that I pass the exam I am contented and as my learning lesson to study hard everytime so I won't have hard time when big exam come....

And as for those bad memories, I really wish that I have an amnesia for they will be gone... I know I know that, that just running away from my problems... but I don't have a choice already so I think that as a solution in my life... am I thinking that I cannot carry those problems in my life anymore? I hope I still can... just like before.. even in my face you cannot see it...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thought I've never cry again...

As I grow... a lot of thins had happen... so much hurtful that I've felt, I told myself that I'll never cry again... and I also told myself that I won't easily trust other people again but I still always do... I know that every person have right to live and deserve a second chance, but why they waste it?

At first I try to be open to him but I can't, I don't know why... I thought the problem was in me... but I was wrong, the problem was in "him". Shouting at me out of no reason. Does he really respect my sister? If he do, then why shout me? Because of wasting his time? If he really felt that I waste his time, why fetch my sister? He didn't even respect me, by shouting me in front of my sister.
My boyfriend can do the things he cannot do, which is spending his time with me and my family and never think that we are a waste of his time. if Nelson felt that I waste his time, he's not in-love with my sister. He's after something and I'm sure of it. The hell with him, sorry for my rude words but I was so shock and it hurt me so much that I almost cried in the middle of the street. I thought I've already lost and get rid of those feelings already, but I was wrong, it was sleeping within me just like Black Winged Angel.

Now he have awaken Black Winged Angel, should I thank him? or should he be careful with me starting right now? because I will have my full Black Winged Angel take over me and get rid of him. I can't blame my sister, for me it's between me and him. If he can shout me in front of my sister and he's still not in our family yet, how much in the future if he married my sister? He can shout her anytime, anywhere. I will get rid of him no matter what, he's really dealing with the wrong person. He started the fire. Before he will do more flame, I will start earlier than him, he wants to start hell? I will show him and let him feel it first and the worst. I will never ever forgive him, he has no right to do that to me. Yah, I know I know, God can forgive why can't we...? That's why I was decent here, an angel was created but a different one and that is me... Black Winged Angel... the Angel of Death...

...Black Winged Angel.... revived...

As we all know Angel are sent by GoD to watch over the people who are good... for me I treat myself as one of those but I am different... as I am sent by God, but decent here to watch over people that I care about... the different thing is... I am a black winged angel... a good one but sometimes I can become evil, by doing something that angel shouldn't be doing... I know it's wrong but still I cannot help doing wrong sometimes.. guess people or even angels are not born or created perfect.

Thought I was changed... and thought I already leave Black Winged Angel already... yet I think the Black Winged Angel is just sleeping inside of me, and now it revived again... and it's time to have it revived...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


exams exams exams... exams are here again... sacrifice are to be made again... I really really miss him a lot but we have to work for our future... It's sad but we have to do what we need to do... guess sacrifice never ends... but I know it's worth it...

Cross finger... I only have one week left for my JLPT exam.. wish me luck XD~

Take care guys.. hope you guys have a great day ahead.. ^_~

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sacrifices... a worth while...

Many things have happen to me.... since I graduated at College, work, life, and until now... There are things that I do for good, but why it never seen by other people? It kept bury always... Does it have to be always that way? Or it's just not on the right time? -- these are the question that I usually question myself that left without an answer... but now I learn about it... making sacrifices don't need answer all the time... and making sacrifices don't need to see or feel by all the people because you cannot please all the people around you... Well, facing the fact, although it really hurt me but I have nothing to do with it, that is the Law of Life, you can't take it? live with it.. but I also realize that making sacrifices needs time and it's a worth while...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ain't that enough?

it's Monday again, and my weekend are filled with sadness that I cannot avoid... It always occur on my mind no matter what I do to forget it. Even though that I do not want to think about it, it always pop on my mind. I know only ourself can understand the feeling of our gut. But when you raise it to the person that you are concern, ain't that enough? ain't that enough that you are concern to them? Oh well, but all that she did was laugh, glad I get use to people not get serious on me. well, I just hope that I will ate my words and guts, if I am wrong. But I also found out that recently it's not only me who have that not good feeling, but also my parents -_-; But oh well, I am just the youngest of all in the house. I cannot do anything, even I state my feelings and ideas. Why? Can the guy support her future? Can the guy support her a good life? and Can the guy support her till the end? even his family? He doesn't even have a stable job right now? I didn't mean that he is really jobless but his job is on and off. How can a guy like that support his girlfriend or wife in the future right? I know I am too early to judge a him like that, but my mind keep on telling me that something is really wrong with that guy... this already bugging me for how many days. I try to open to him but it still didn't work. If he can prove to me, all of my questions and doubts I will accept him, and I will accept that my guts, and intuition are wrong. BUT~ if he fails, I will be the first one in the family who will confront him.

Today at work, I don't quite work because I quite catch cold because of the weather change @_@ glad I didn't have cough, har har har... and my head near going to freeze because it's cold her in the office >.> and hope I can resume work normally tomorrow. ho ho ho~ but even that happens I am still happy at the office... :p Well, till here, hope you guys have a great day~

Friday, November 03, 2006

Get use to...

In life, we learn a lot of lesson as we grow up... and I am really glad that I am get used to it... specially people not get serious on me when I talk something quite important. Well, that maybe not important to other people but hey~ it's important to me... Glad I get use to that because I remember way back when I am not get use to it, I get angry to myself because people don't take me seriously... And I also learn that in life, you should always be ready for anything, I MEAN "anything"

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November Times...

hello November.. belated Happy Holloween :D November November November, only few days pass and it will December loh~ and on November 19, 2006 I'll be 6months working at Primer loh~ :D Hope I can be regular loh~ :D and hope I don't get my 3 days suspension because of having 6 lates TT_TT because last month I got late for 6 times because of tardiness, a.k.a. tamad :p

Well, only 2days to count sweet angel and I will be 8months loh~ days really past so fast, it's like just few days ago the we are official and now we are 8months loh~ I hope this continue till we get old :D

As for work, well... I get more project lah~ and hope I can finish these in November so I can relax in December and have a nice Christmas break...

I just realize recently that in life, we should make wise decision for our future. And also I realize that I can make more sacrifice for my love one.... that I thought I can't guess when you really love your loveones you can do everything... althought quite feel sad because you have to sacrifice your feelings and what you need to do just for your loveone...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lesson Learned...

Today a lot things had happen... from very early morning up to work -_-; days sometimes really start bad, hope in the end of the day it will turn out good... Today, I also learn that if two people have the same attitude... one should let the way, but what if the other puts you on rever psychology? Because for me, when someone do that I change my decision immediately but why other people refuse suddenly? I didn't do that to make them second thought of what they want to do... but why that always happen? I adjust for other people but how come they do not understand that? I just hope one day they could understand me...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Gift...

Recently I cook food for my sweet angel.. but not only for him but also for his family... why? because I wanted to... My family knows sweet angel already... and in return I cook food for his family in order to know me.. and that is the first step I made.. cooking food for his family is just a little things that I've done... I just done it twice, so it's not a big deal for me... just a things that I've done to know me... then yesterday, I gone to his house and I receive a gift from his mother... he gave me the gift because his mother gave it to him and told him that she want to gave me the gift... I was shock but I was also happy but I was very shy to receive the gift because I didn't do big things to give me that gift...

Well, right now when I think about that... I just thank you her for the gift and like sweet angel said, 'maybe this is the first step?'

^^v have a nice day guys ;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

October Fest ~

well, it's October loh~ and days really past SO fast @_@ and we are already 7 months loh~ I am very happy with my sweet angel... There are so many things happen in 7 months and I am very happy and contented with my life now~

Recently, I have a friend having problem with his gf little sister... well, can't tell here because the story is long :D I just really with hope that my advise help him a lot~ really sad when I heard his story... and I hope I was there to help him too....

sorry just post now.. and it's been two weeks in draft mode XD~

Happy October Fest guys~ :D

Saturday, September 30, 2006

for almost 3 days...

hello... guess you guys already heard about the signal no.3 typhoon here in the Philippines... >.<

for almost 3 days we do not have electricity and telephone line... so, what we do is stay at home on thursday and friday and resume work at saturday @_@ and now, I just realize that I do not get use to work at saturday schedules again... -o- guess, working back on normal hours have it's disadvantage too... 'cause you will have a hard time in adjusting your schedule loh~

And our nihongo class a while ago, got cancelled so I go swimming with my friend and kareshi because I do not want to go to office without taking a bath @_@ and now working at the office I don't feel like working and all of us here don't feel like working... -0-

Today is also the last day of September, hope tomorrow is a good day for all... For October will be entering :) Have a great day to all the people out there :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As for September 04, 2006, we are officially 6months... can you imagine that? Days really past so fast talaga~ but before that... you gave me the most specialy gift I've ever receive in my life... that was September 02, 2006... I wasn't expecting that, and I am very very happy and very very thank you that you gave me that... I really do not know what to say when I saw that in that day because I was very very happy and my tears almost fall down on my cheeks... and another thing that I am very happy is that we are already 6months loh~ I never regret on all the things that we've been through and I am very happy being with you... I wish our stay longer more and we'll work it out~ Love you my dearest sweet angel of my life~

Well, two week left for me to coupe up my study in nihonggo~ because on September 30, 2006 is our midterm loh~ hope I pass ,,x,,>.<,,x... lets have a cross finger~

Well, work here at the office is getting hectic every now and then loh~ I wish I can catch up in updating my blog~

Friday, September 01, 2006


Welcome September; oh well, late a work -_-; I just hope that I won't be late for the whole month XD~ and yet still have the same busy days doing IT stuff... tomorrow have a lot of schedule to deal with, namely my nihongo class, our company seminar and going to RP for my friends new open shop... well, I just hope that I hope get haggard by that :P

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last day of the month...

Today, August 31, 2006; yet another last day of the month... listening to my favorite BoA Kwon Song while writing this blog...

Well, all I can say is yet another busy day, go here and there with IT stuff rolling XD~ I haven't review my Nihongo because of busy days here at the office... hope I can coupe up when I get home tonight =) And as for my dearest sweet angel, Always remember that I am always here for you no matter what happens...

Friday, August 25, 2006

August 25...

last friday of the month... days really pass by sooo fast... at last my application for part time barista at starbucks have reply although I still have to wait for six weeks at least I have a reply from them ^_~ Just finish writing my end of the day report and say I'm already working for 3months XD~ and I still enjoy working here although that sometimes I have rush projects but still I getto enjoy the environment here... and as for my Japanese language lesson, I must study harder this time because Elementary 3 is much harder than Elementary 1 and 2 and I cannot just pass the exam by luck or by chance I must do it... so wish me luck XD~

Friday, August 11, 2006


yet another month have passed away... days really pass so fast and I still haven't done anything much. These days I've been quite busy because of testing and making reports... I've done my best and I hope it does change something ^_^

I want to greet uber belated happy 26th birthday to my sweetest angel~ sorry if I just get to greet you now because I was really really busy '>.<' well, still I greet you in personal in that day :)

Welcome month of August, wish I can do lot more in this month aside from being busy on my work =)

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Night to remember. . .

It was July 16, 2006; from manila we go to sucat and back to manila... that was the farthest place I travel with you... and it hit 12hours that we're together. We both meet new friends and we are happy to meet them. And I'm also happy because I am with you...

In the car, that what we have that is the most beautiful memory thatI'll never forget... and I will tell you once again that I never regret all the things I've done.

I love you very very much and I'll love you till the end

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Promise Made...

In my life, living for 23 years 5months and 17days... a lots of things happend. Sad memories, happy memories, and pain memories. I've felt all of it... but still I live. Right now, I have this friend of mine.. he's feeling the most painful in his life recently, that never let me(us) know... know why? because he is my(our) sensei... and facing the fact, I do not have the right to know everything happening in hislife... but oh well, masyado akong pakialamera kasi XD~ but true to tell I was very concern when I know that was happening to him. The reason why I felt that way because I not only treat him as my sensei but also as watashi nga tomodachi desu.
July 08, 2006. Today I have this Nihongo exam and I am facing this challenge. a lot of people is supporting me one of them are my parents, sweet angel and my friends =) and I promise thatI will try my very very best to PASS this exam because I do not what to disappoint the people who are giving me the full support and love. And also I do not want to waste sensei Juntaro teaching... And this is a Promise that I will made...
:: july 08 2006 ::

Thursday, June 29, 2006


of all the things that had happen to us... I Thank you for not giving me up that easily and thank you for always be on my side.. and Thank you for coming to my life..

I also want to let you know that I also won't give you up easily and I will always be at your side when you need me... I never did know that you think that way... Letting me go? I really never do think of that you thought of that.. but I'm sorry to tell you that I do not agree. Even if that happens, I will wait for you no matter how long it will take me, I rather take all the pain challenges than easily giving you up and letting you go.. Remember this, I LoVe you "so" much and I will always love you till the end...

LoVe You So much my sweetest dearest angel...

Monday, June 26, 2006


I know I'm such a fool but I do really care and love you... that's why I kept some of the feelings for myself because I do not want you to worry about me. Hope you forgive me on what I've done...

Actually, it's not about boundaries issue... because I don't let that keep our way... It's just that, I think hindi pa tlga maayos ang buhay ko... you've done so much for me and ayan, ganyan pa rin ako... >.< I am really sorry... sometimes ang gulo ko pa rin and you've been so nice to me pa rin... I hope mapantayan ko yung mga ginawa mo...

I LoVe YoU "SO" much and I will LoVe you till the end...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Everything just happend....

For two days (11th&12th June) we've been together and the feeling of I miss you and love you is more than before . . . Things just happen unexpectedly, I am happy because we're together.... having you in my life I have nothing ask for more..

My friend once told me that when I found the one, the more days past the stronger my love will be to that right now... and yes, she's right... I miss you more and I love you more when days are passing by... not only you will build this relationship but I will help you to build it...

I thank you for everything you've done for me... having long patience waiting for me to adjust and everything... this time, I will do my thing as your dear angel... love you and care you with all I can and with all my life... I will always be by your side when you need me... the things that you didn't felt when you were young, I know I have nothing to do with it anymore but now I found you I will fill my love in your life and fill the things that you never felt before... I cannot change the past but I will do everything I can to make you feel loved and happy now in present and until the future...

I know it's too early to say but I want to say this.... when I am in your arms I feel secure and loved... and I feel that we are as one... I love you very much my dearest sweetest angel of my life

Monday, June 05, 2006

Unexpected. . .

Yesterday was our special day and it's already our 3rd Monthsary I really never expected it... our love grew stronger and stronger.... I don't know what to do when I'm without you.... and I really do not know what will happen to me when I haven't met you... guess the long life wait is a worth waiting... and..

Guess in life, Expect the Unexpected... ^^v

Love you my dearest sweetest angel of my life...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I found you...

May 23, 2006. The day we talk... the conversation... for I will never ever forget... you really gave me a lot of happy memories that I will never ever forget... guess making you cry not always feeling sad but also the feeling of happy...

For you are my one and only that I will love till the end of time... till next life... you and only you I will find and love....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Future.... A Challenge...

"Future" a word single word, but no one can ever fortell... and it's a challenge for us...

Even you tell me that... I am alright... don't worry, I will be fine... for you... I will try my very best. I will take all the challenge, I will face all the risk... just to be with you.... It's a challenge for me.... :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

New Life... New Chapter Beginning...

A New Life... A New Chapter Beginning...

Today is my first day at Primer Groups under the Primer International Holdings and Management... Although that we are only less than 10 here, they still give me a warm welcome and I am very happy of what they did.... I hope I can stay long here in this company ^^;

As a new life having a new job... and I consider this as a new chapter of my life....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Another month have passed... and days really pass soooo fast... and guess what? Here in the Philippines, also have BoA fans club.... and I am very happy to be part of that group =D and also I am very happy to know a lot of intresting people....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Trials. . . Decision. . .

In life... there are a lot of trials... and for me, making decision is a very big trial in my everyday life... making decision is very important and you'll be responsible on the outcome of your decision... and making decision is a very very sensitive case matter... Making the Right Choice and Right Decision will bring us to the Right road... so that is why we must think carefully or make thorough thinking before make a decision...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Waiting . . .

As I was waiting at the bus stop
I saw a lot of people going in and out of the bus
Some with happy faces
And some with tears in their eyes
I fell happy and sad for those people
Not riding in that bus doesn't mean I am afraid
I just don't want to ride the wrong bus
That will take me to the wrong journey

The reason why I always wait at the bus stop
Is to wait for the right person to fetch me
Because I want to spend my journey and adventure
With that person forever
Sharing journey and adventure together
with LoVe and Care...

And I think the day has come
You fetch me from where I am waiting
We finally found each other

Now that we're together,
I am very happy about us, about everything
Because you share your journey and adventure with me
And you accept my journey, my adventure,
And as what I am
I wish time is endless when we're together
Spending our journey and adventure together
With LoVe and Care that never dies

I Love you so much my one and only dearest sweetest angel of my life~

.::. March 04.::.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy April Fools Day ^-^

Hi there guys~ it's been a while ^_^ Happy April Fools Day =p

These past few days I had an interview(s) and the last two interviews are very cool... I hope I can get either one of the offer... but if you let me choose between two I'll choose the GMLink because I much prefer that than the STech. well I hope I can get these two offers so I can have a choice... wish me luck >(^_^)<

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Second Time Around. . .

Falling in love for the second time around. . .
When our eyes met, I saw a spark in you
A spark that is unexplainable
But I didn't mind at all
Because I thought it was nothing at all

As years past, we became close
As we know each other more
I always enjoy your company
I feel happy and secure when we're together
And not knowing I started liking you

I never really thought of it
I never realize that my feelings for you is growing
Until the day came

Then I realize, that the spark I saw in you
Was the sign,
The sign that you will a part of my life
By always making me smile and feel happy
By making my days unexpectedly special
that I'll never trade for anything

Now that we're together
I will cherish all the moments that we have together

All the memories that you bring to my life
I will never ever forget it
As long as I live. . .

I love you so much my dearest sweet angel. . . ^o^

.::. 04 March 2006 .::.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Fully Booked

at last, for long wait... wish me luck for my interviews next week. Hope I can get in a job that I wanna be ^^;

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A New Chapter Beginning... A New Life...

Hi... it's been a while since I write here... sorry for that, because my pc got busted >.<>

Guess... luck in life will not come into your life in just one hit.. it gives you the partial then another then another... (Love, Carrer, etc.) and everything happens in your life, there's always a reason behind in it... ^^;

March 09, 2006 exact 9:04PM, when I was at our penthouse I suddenly look up into the sky to look for the moon.. a guess what I saw? In that night, that was just only a half moon but it shines like a full moon that shines so bright and clear. So bright that you can saw its flare and ray that the moon shows. That was the first time I saw a half moon shines so bright and I'll never ever forget it....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Numerology... Major Personality Traits...

well, walang lang.. trip trip ko lang... it's fun~

Day of Birth -- a brief, first look at your character

You are family-oriented, with a gift for restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in relationships.

You are emotional and sensitive and like to demonstrate your love. You have a gift for both the healing and cultural arts.

You can be overly emotional and even melodramatic. You have a tendency to magnify your emotional issues, especially when they involve some kind of criticism of you.

You are willing to sacrifice much to maintain harmony in important relationships. You willingly provide a soft shoulder to cry on or a ready ear to hear out someone's travail.

You are energetic, responsible and helpful, but your sympathetic nature may cause you to interfere in relationships and get you into trouble.

Your artistic talent goes in many directions, but you are likely gifted in acting and drama. At the same time, you generally do well in business because you are systematic, careful, and patient in your approach to business issues.

You can be a bit impractical, however, and need others to give you sound advice. You are a good friend and a faithful companion. You attract sound people to you who gladly advance you along the lines of your talents.
(Birth) Life Path -- your natural tendencies, abilities, and attitude toward the world.

1 - New beginnings, creative thought, new opportunities and individuality.
[9] Destiny (Expression) -- the purpose, goal, and direction of your life; what you will tackle and manifest

Communication, friendship and partnerships play a large role in the lives of people with 2,3 or 9 as a Destiny Number. If you have such a Destiny Number you will need to work at developing acceptance, honesty, social skills and insight.
[8] Heart's Desire -- your inner motivation and most cherished values; what you choose to undertake
Personality -- your outward appearance and how others see you; what they define as you Habit

Personality Number is 2You appear friendly and unpretentious. You have a soft and warm exterior. People are drawn to you because, among other reasons, you appear warm and unthreatening. Your dress is neat and clean. The opposite sex is attracted to your gentle and attentive nature, yet senses the passion beneath your surface. You have sex appeal. Exercise is important to your appearance and to promote the level of strength you radiate. You are very patient and understanding, and a wonderful listener. You make others feel important and loved. You are sensitive. You are a peacemaker. Arguments leave you drained. People sense your desire for harmony. But you must avoid being the blank tablet for others' projections. People may underestimate your strength, but this is a mistake.
Realization -- the sum total of your Birthpath and Destiny; your achievement in this life

Birthpath [1] + Destiny [9] = 10 -- 1 +0 = 1
The Pinnacles -- the environment, people, and opportunities indicated in the four phases of your life

[7 = age 0-29] First Pinnacle: The First Pinnacle develops your character. It is there for very personal reasons. This is a time when we develop our egos and define our sense of self.

[9 = age 28-36] Second Pinnacle: The Second Pinnacle represents the summer of life. This pinnacle influences our relationships with our family members and the way we direct responsibility where others are involved.

[7 = age 39-47] Third Pinnacle: In the Third Pinnacle, also known as "middle age", we mature and enter the autumn cycle of life.

[4 = age 51 on] Fourth Pinnacle: The last Pinnacle wants to bring rewards and opportunities to use the knowledge gained through our life's experience.
Your Personal Year is what you must accomplish during the course of the year.

PERSONAL YEAR 6This year centers around the Home and Family. You can buy, sell, or redecorate a home or other properties. Your focus is on Personal Relations......Marriage..Divorce.... Affairs. Others will need things from you. Your family members are in focus. You can cement great friendships and find new and long lasting ones. (for year 2006)

if you wanna know your
Numerology just click~

Friday, February 10, 2006

Days.... Unsure.... Losing...

hi.. how are you? it's been a while that I haven't write here... =) I wasn't home these days, I was at the hospital to look after my grandma.... even though that I feel sleepy I still want to write because I miss writing here...

Days really past so fast and next week will be the mid-week of February... and I am still on job hunting... >.<>

In life, we never know what will happen tomorrow... the feeling of unsure really worries me... I really hope that I can control my emotions because when I think about that... not only worry I feel but also hurt because I am afraid of losing.... well, I guess that always happens when you really love a person... ^^;

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sleepy head...

I'm still sleepy right now because I didn't sleep last night. I was looking after my grandma at the hospital.

Yesterday, my grandma got confine in the hospital because of her condition... and guess what?! my grandma is already 100 years old~ ^o^ and she's still alive and kicking.... but only her condition make her loose energy... I just hope that she get well soon, because I've been missing the grandma who is alive and kicking... ^o^

And tonight, I will look after her again... but hope I can rest a little because I have skating lesson tomorrw, so I can have a little stamina energize =p well, i'm off to the hospital now~ ciao...

Monday, February 06, 2006


u-ri eol-ma ma-nin-ga-yo
ch'a mo-raen shi-ga-ni heul-reo-ne-yo
wae cha-ggu nae ma-mi a-p'eun keon-chi
wae-geu-ri a-p'a-ha-na-yo
hok-shi-ra-do him-deu ni ri-seo-na-yo
wae a-mu-mal-ha-ji an-na-yo

chi-geu-min-de keu-dae a-p'in-de
ma-rae-yeo ha-neun-de na-ye ma-eu-meul
o-raen shi-gan keu-dae-reul hyang-han
ki-reo-deon nae ki-da-ri-meul
pa-bo kat'-jyo hang-sang keu-rae-jyo
keu-rae-ya hae-jyo keu-dael wi-hae-seo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo

wae nal chap-ji a-na-na-yo
wae a-mu-geot-do mut-ji a-na-na-yo
keu-dae eobt-neun nae-ga kwaen-j'a-neul keot kat'-na-yo

chi-geu-min-de keu-dae a-p'in-de
ma-rae-yeo ha-neun-de na-ye ma-eu-meul
o-raen shi-gan keu-dae-reul hyang-han
ki-reo-deon nae ki-da-ri-meul
pa-bo kat'-jyo hang-sang keu-rae-jyo
keu-rae-ya hae-jyo keu-dael wi-hae-seo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo

na al-go i-seo-yo nae-ga keu-dae-ye-ge
ma-ji-ma kan-ga-ji hae-jul su i-neun keo-shi
i-byeol-bbu-ni-ra-neun keot

i-je-seo-ya kkae-da-reun na-ye
mo-ja-ran sa-rang-eul yong-seo-hae chweo-yo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo
sa-rang-hae-yo i-ma-ri ha-go shi-p'eo-jyo..

Sunday, February 05, 2006

To be LoVeD. . . .

I can see your face everywhere I look
but everywhere is nowhere without you
what seemed to be like days was just a momment in time
but it meant the world to me 'cause I knew

What I've been searching for all of my life
I had it right here - in front of my eyes
and what I've wished for was nothing compared
to what I received - when you were here with me

And if you'll never come back
and today was all that we had
and if I won't see - tomorrow with you in my arms
it won't matter because
now I know what it's like to be loved

You're so far away but I feel you so near
it's like you never left me - never said goodbye
I can hear your voice in the crowd
I can feel your touch me right now
I can see your smile when I close my eyes

And I hold on to that every night
to help me understand - when I asked myself why
of all the people out there - you choose be with me
to share a love so rare

And if you'll never come back
and today was all that we had
and if I won't see - tomorrow with you in my arms
it won't matter because
now I know what it's like to be loved

what a beautiful thing - to feel your love within
like a child that sees the sunshine on the first day of spring
just to know it's true - there is someone like you
who can make me believe there is nothing I can't do

If you'll never come back
and today was all that we had
and if I won't see - tomorrow with you in my arms
it won't matter because
Now I know what it's like To Be LoVeD

To Be LoVeD. . .

Happy momments at Starbucks....

well, at last I got the pics at my 23rd birthday... the last place we go before we go home... our happy momments at Starbucks...~

sorry the right menu links will be on the lower right for a while... ^o^


yesterday's converstaion gives me worry today... and facing the fact I cannot stop worrying because I am scared of what will happen next... and hope what I am thinking won't happen... because I really really love him and I don't want to loose him... I didn't show it to him yesterday when we were together because I don't want him to worry about me....

But if that will happen, I might get hurt again... but if he is really not for me... I have to let it go... But...


怎么說忘就忘記 這甜蜜的過去
不想再為了你傷心 這最冷的夏季

承諾變悲哀 悲哀因我被愛
好想抱著你訴苦 卻顯得好無助

朝著幸福走去 像戀人般的簡單甜蜜
怎么輕易放棄 說你忘記

我想這一定是報應 都怪我太貪心
黃色絲巾是想念 在樹上被風吹
孤單的 孤單一個人無法沉睡

承諾變悲哀 悲哀因我被愛
我好想抱著你訴苦 卻顯得好無助
無助的 讓人想痛哭

朝著幸福走去 像戀人般的簡單甜蜜
怎么輕易放棄 說你忘記


我不再相信你 卻又慢慢想起你

Saturday, February 04, 2006

sharing.... happy momments... and story to tell...

Today, I go out with my friends and I really enjoy it.... although medyo nakakapagod hehehe...

a story to tell...

Recently, a friend of mine open up her feelings that she's been keeping within these past few months. Let's call her in the name of "angela". There was a guy she likes, let call him in the name of "cream-o". Kinda funny pero that what's she calls him... hehehe....

Lately, she tells me that she's in-love with cream-o na daw... but cream-o doesn't know, kasi siyempre, as a girl, for us, nakakahiya na malaman ng guy na may gusto sa kanila... Know why? kasi magiging advantage yun para sa mga guy(s). She also tells me na, they go out naman pero hindi sila solo, I mean silang dalawa lang, kasama ang ibang friends nila but in a time, they end up being alone nasa likod sila ng mga friends nila tapos kwento kwento... tapos sabi niya, they enjoy each other company naman daw, either thru text or chitchat.... on her feeling, the guy gave a few hints na, that he kinda like her and she gave him a few hint to let him know...

The reason why she doesn't tell me muna kasi she thought na mapipigilan niya ung feelings niya for him pero vise versa ang nangyari the more she loves him right now and she doesn't know what to do... for her kasi, bumabagsak pa rin sa isang point, cream-o doesn't know her feelings for him...

To Angela, My story to tell naman... ^o^

Well Angela, sad to tell we're on the same boat... There's a guy I like, let's call him in the name of "Oreo" =p kinda funny din noh? Well, we met I think 2 years ago... acquaintance lang nun that time, we met each other from our friends lang... that was the time that we were about to watch movie. For that 2 years long, we were really just acquaintance, no more no less kasi we don't text or chat that much naman. it started last year, I didn't realize when I started liking him. The time that I realize is because I tend to become silent and shy when he's with us if may labas kami....

Then it started na madalas na kami magusap ni Oreo, he brighten up my day... we also go out with our friends and end up the two of us at the back talking and chitchatting anything. We enjoy each other company and I also felt that he gave me some hint that he like me and I also gave him a hint that I like him also, but I stopped. But I still treat him the same as a friend and as a guy I like. But same like yours, sad to say that Oreo doesn't know about my feelings for him...

Angela, this is what I am doing right now.... The only thing I can do now is to give him time to realize that I am here loving him... maybe he needs time... Right now, this is what I can say also, "I will wait for him to realize but if he is not really for me, I have to let him go...." And know what Angela, I know I don't have the right to say this kasi ung ibang tao dyan mas maraming beses na ma-feel na main-love at masaktan kayasa sakin. But still I want to tell you this, this is the second time that I have this feeling na ma in-love, it really hurts talaga pero we have to face it, what ever the consequencea are... that's what you called love....

That's life~ Hay... ganyan talaga pag in-love >.<

10 days to go peps, Happy Valentines day~

Friday, February 03, 2006

What a DaY....

hay... what a day... today is quite tiring day and a lot of unexpected things happen... ngayon inaantok while writing this journal... because I want to drop by something here... =)

So here it goes, on my ice skating lesson this afternoon, I accidentally kick my coach T_T with my skate shoes because I was about to fall, gladly hindi ung toepick but quite near there... the problem is I kick near the center bone of the leg which is a BiG 'OucH' so my skating lesson move to next week... Second, when I was going home natapakan ako sa LRT T_T buti na lang hindi takong.... whew~ I am wearing sandals kasi...

But then again, although a quite tiring day I still have fun... like talking with him =p and meet new friends in ice skating like Chester (which I call him KuYa Cheeseter or KuYa Cholo Cheester) and JoHn T., kaya daw JoHn T. kasi daw may JoHn A. na sa figure ice skate, which is true, si John T. kasi sa hockey =p well, they're fun to talk with naman at nakakatawa talaga... specially when Kuya Chester and I were talking, mga chismax sa skating about vicky and others. and ito ang sa lahat na nakakatawa, lahat na kwento na namin tapos hindi pa namin alam ang pangalan ng isa't isa... sabi pa niya "lahat na kwento na natin, age, school tapos di pa natin alam ang pangalan natin ng isa't isa, maghulaan kaya tayo ng pangalan" I was laughing really hard halos nakayuko na ako... hehehehe...

And tomorrow I have Nihongo Class, wish me luck =D

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Febraury... another month of the year...

as of the momment, I am still on hunting... good luck for me... and to all people in the world, hope you have a great month this Feburary... ^_^

I really miss him so much, even though we have communication... the problem is... he doesn't know.... oh well, it's really hard to be a girl... hahaha...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Missing Trio...

When I was moved to other shift... again, I was back alone and quiet, the usual me when I was in sir Vic shift... I was moved to Noel shift, with other pepz like Joan, Leng, Lhai, Jed, Lerx, and Tansu... and there I learn how to adopt and adjust with the people around me...

At first, I was always alone... either eat alone or still working on something... basta ako ang naiiwan... pagnagyayaya sila magdinner, lunchout or going home with them, either may ginagawa ako or I go alone.. kasi nga in that time, di ako mahilig makihalubilo sa ibang tao... Because of Noel; Leng, Joan and I became close as in close that's why we are called the "Dudung's Angel" and they treat me so nice as in nice talaga that no one ever treated like that to me... well, in school... pero siyempre iba pa rin sa working environment a.k.a. real world. =p super bonding yung shift namin until I moved position... naging busy kasi ako sa work ko and also Joan she was also moved position na naging busy kaming lahat. After Noel leave... we took care of each other and protect each other as much as we can.

But not long, we got separated and that was very sad T_T after separated, we got separate shift and there was one time Leng and I got into an arguement that break our friendship. I was very sorry but it seems that the friendship cannot heal anymore. Frankly to tell, I was hurt but I don't want to let her know so I just kept the feelings for myself. I just wish that one day, our friendship can go back the way it was, because I miss her so much....

Now, Leng, Joan and I got separate ways... I wish we could still have a conversation like the way we use to be and the closeness like the way we use to have... I miss them so much...

-- Missing Trio...

Sunday, January 29, 2006


大家好﹖今天是農曆正月。。。新年快樂 ^_^ 我沒做什麼特別﹐只在家裡看煙火。你們呢﹖ 我希望你們的新年快樂過的好。。。


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bring back memories . . .

When I was working on my previous work, I was alone (syempre, wala pa kasi kakilala) and serious. What I do is just work and go home. My first boss was sir Vic, he is the one who polish my skills and build up my confidence. Even though that sir Vic was strict, he was reasonable naman. Some people don't get close to him because he was sarcastic at that time. At first, I was scared too... sir Vic was too discipline and I do what he told me because I felt that if I make mistake I would get scold... but hey~ my intuition was wrong, although that he is strict and sarcastic he has his own way of showing how he care for a certain person ^_^ I learn a lot from him, he is one of the reason on what I am now and I am really thankful. We got separate ways now, but I will never ever forget what he has done to me...

We usually change shift every month, I was moved to other shift because I cannot make for the schedule that is assigned to me. That is the time I meet new people and new friends and learn new things...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy momments...

January 21, 2006. I celebrated my birthday with my friends... it was dinner... a guest that I didn't expect that she will come because I thought that she cannot come... =D We ate dinner at Wai Ying then go to Starbucks for drinks and some chitchat... although medyo maloko ang mga topic and pinagtripan ako >.<

It was fun and enjoy, kahit iilan lang kami (budz, garu, fulbz, marc, venessa, chard, jaz) this is also one of my most happiest momment birthday celebration that I will never forget. Thanks for comming guys I really enjoy your company ^o^

Tuesday, January 24, 2006



我還要跟大家說謝謝。 沒有你們﹐沒有我的今天。。。


Monday, January 23, 2006


有一個男孩﹐我們認識有三年了。。。 我們有出去過幾次﹐可是不是只我們兩個啊。 有些朋友跟我們一起出去。可是﹐知道嗎﹖我不知道什麼時候有這種感覺。。。不管什麼﹐他每天在我的腦中和在我的心裡。。。我不敢跟任何人說﹐因為我感覺不好看﹑因為我是女孩啊。


Sunday, January 22, 2006

真愛 。。。



我們都曾經明白 也都曾經遺憾
錯過了愛 就難以重來
不要害怕去坦白 怕容易被你寵壞

到哪裡找回真愛 找回所有遺憾
愛的真相 就能夠解開
多給我一些片段 拼湊未知的意外



但我們都曾明白 也都曾經遺憾
一旦錯過 就難以重來
不要害怕去坦白 怕又容易被寵壞

到哪裡找回真愛 找回所有遺憾
愛的真相 就能夠解開
多給我一些片段 拼湊未知的意外


This is a cute inspired song by 183club

Yeah... I know how it feels when I see you smile
輕輕 你靠在我胸膛 Yeah
有一種奇特的力量 不能抵擋
我開始亂了步伐 心還傻傻忘了跳
或許愛就是這樣 讓我甘心被你融化

看著你微笑 有一道光芒
打在我身上 像一種魔
法是你無心佈下的愛情圈套 讓我為了你瘋

Woo baby
輕輕 你開口說了話

像陣風吹進了心房 微微的發燙
或許愛就是這樣 讓我心甘情願被融化

看著你微笑 有一道光芒
打在我身上 像一種魔法
是你無心佈下的愛情圈套 讓我為了你瘋

我像被施咒的青蛙 無法控制的就愛上他
不敢多做掙扎 難道這會是場夢嗎

看著你微笑 有一道光芒
打在我身上 像一種魔法
是你無心佈下的愛情圈套 讓我為了你瘋狂
迷人的微笑 (When I see you smile)
打在我身上 (I can't deny)
是你無心佈下的愛情圈套 (I can't define it)

These feelings deep inside of me
I can't live my life without you
When I see you smile
When I see you smile

Friday, January 20, 2006





Tuesday, January 17, 2006


終於找到了愛﹐還會有痛苦的感覺。 可是有些人以為找到愛就夠了。 找到真正愛不是那樣的結束﹐才是真正的開始。

看你哭著轉身就走 我卻不知該說什麼
是我害你一個人難過 每次想到我就好心痛

為何命運如此捉弄 愛在手中又逃走
想說愛你卻開不了口 在你面前我變得懦弱

到底怎麼了請你告訴我 讓我相信
在我們的愛情一道牆矗立 揮之不去
明明相愛卻不能長久 最後還是無法去承受

心若死了要怎麼救 想你恨你只更折磨
白天黑夜不停纏著我 每次想到心就會喊痛

到底怎麼了請你告訴我 讓我相信
在我們的愛情一道牆矗立 揮之不去
明明相愛卻不能長久 最後還是無法去承受

Do you want me I need to know
Can you feel it let it show
I can't hide it deep within myself
Everytime I look at you I know

到底怎麼了請你告訴我 讓我相信
在我們的愛情一道牆矗立 揮之不去
明明相愛卻不能長久 最後還是無法去承受

到底怎麼了請你告訴我 讓我相信 (讓我相信)
在我們的愛情一道牆矗立 揮之不去 (揮之不去)
明明相愛卻不能長久 (愛不能長 oh)
最後還是無法去承受 (我無法承受)

Monday, January 16, 2006

好愛她 好想他。。。

你給過的美好 我永遠都忘不了

天應該亮了 你應該睡了
守一整夜的他 應該走了
你應該哭了 他應該醒了
想一整夜的我 該死心了

我們都沒有錯 只是愛上同一個
只怪愛是獨自佔有 非要拼得你死我活

好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
愛到最後我們還是改變不了 Ho
祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
你給過的美好 留在沒有人到得了的地方 看你微笑

天應該亮了 (天怎麼亮了)
應該走了 (怎能放手)

你應該哭了 (我怎麼哭了)
他應該醒了 (你不該忘了)
該死心了 (太過折磨)

我們都沒有錯 只是愛上同一個
只怪愛是獨自佔有 非要拼得你死我活

好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
(好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 也不是個辦法)

愛到最後我們還是改變不了 Ho
祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
試著把你 (如何把你)

Ho~ whoa~ 我好愛她 我好想她 woaw~
我愛她 我想她 yeah~

好愛他 好想他 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
Ho 祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
你給過的美好 留在沒有人到得了的地方 看你微笑 Ho~

好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛 (只會更牽掛)
Ho 祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
留在沒人到得了試著把你 慢慢忘掉

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another simple day...

Another simple day for me... ^o^ Kahit nothing special happen to me... masaya naman ako sa mga araw na nagdaan ^o^

Yesterday, punta kami sa bahay ng friend ko... kakatuwa kasi naging tulog session imbis na film showing... hehehe... pero it's been fun naman... I hope they have fun and enjoy din...

Friday, January 13, 2006

好愛她 好想他

愛是那麼難嗎﹖有快樂﹐有痛苦。真好難。。。越想越痛。 愛上一個人那麼深﹐越失去你的一部分。

天應該亮了 你應該睡了
守一整夜的他 應該走了
你應該哭了 他應該醒了
想一整夜的我 該死心了

我們都沒有錯 只是愛上同一個
只怪愛是獨自佔有 非要拼得你死我活

好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
愛到最後我們還是改變不了 Ho
祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
你給過的美好 留在沒有人到得了的地方 看你微笑

天應該亮了 (天怎麼亮了)
應該走了 (怎能放手)

你應該哭了 (我怎麼哭了)
他應該醒了 (你不該忘了)
該死心了 (太過折磨)

我們都沒有錯 只是愛上同一個
只怪愛是獨自佔有 非要拼得你死我活

好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
(好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 也不是個辦法)

愛到最後我們還是改變不了 Ho
祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
試著把你 (如何把你)

Ho~ whoa~ 我好愛她 我好想她 woaw~
我愛她 我想她 yeah~

好愛他 好想他 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
Ho 祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
你給過的美好 留在沒有人到得了的地方 看你微笑 Ho~

好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛 (只會更牽掛)
Ho 祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
留在沒人到得了試著把你 慢慢忘掉

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chinese Birthday... Chinese Culture

昨天(十二月十一日)是我的中國生日﹐又老一歲了。Well, although we didn't have any special celebration on my chinese birthday, I am still happy because this is a new year for me. I just have a simple wish, and that wish is that hope I have a good year ahead.

Speaking on chinese birthday, not all people in the world celebrate their chinese birthday except their family still hold the traditional chinese culture. But that does not mean naman na GI mga un... kasi when people heard of a certain chinese people who still hold the traditional chinese culture, a "DinG" to their mind is that person is 'kuripot' or 'GI'. Well, I am here to say not all. All I can say, there are some difference lang on how they value life and living culture ^o^

Monday, January 09, 2006

Second week of January....

Today is the start of the second week of January... and hay nakow.. la pa rin progress... T_T Kelan kaya may progress..?

And grabe, this game called "FlyFF" a.k.a. Fly For Fun.. kakaaddict na game... ilang araw na ako nagpupuyat sa game na yan.. haha... libre kasi... internet lang ang gagamitin mo... someone told me that it's free for life daw... well, sana nga tuloy tuloy na, para at least I still play one MMORPG game.. hehe... di na kasi ako naglalaro ng MMORPG after I resign from my previous job. At least ngayon I play one again.. hehehe...

And isa pa, medyo nakakainis ito... I got my backpay and guess what? kulang O_O; la ung last salary ko.. that company really sucks talaga... parang after I file my resignation di na nila ata kinompute ung last salary ko... asar talaga.... and until now, kahit anong kulit ko wala pa rin daw ung computation ng last salary ko.. asar talaga.. darating ang karma nila at may makakabangga rin sila ng katapat nila.. Oh well, I guess ang magagawa ko lang is to wait... -_-;

Saturday, January 07, 2006

another day...

啊呀﹗it's me again loh~ just writing this 'cause I cannot sleep pah... hehe... well, for those who have read my blog... 對不起﹐如果我的英語沒有那麼好... 'cause I'm not expert in english >.<
I only write what I want to say... hope you enjoy reading my blog, even just droping by ^^

Have a nice day~

This is one of the dialog from “王子變青蛙”一個夏天的童話 a comedy and a very touching love story... a must watch series =) They got the chemistry... even it's only a fairytale, 我也是希望有一天我會與到我的王子青蛙... hehehe... =D

Friday, January 06, 2006


I love this song... although kinda sad... but this song really describe(s) me.... ^o^

怎么說忘就忘記 這甜蜜的過去
不想再為了你傷心 這最冷的夏季

承諾變悲哀 悲哀因我被愛
我好想抱著你訴苦 卻顯得好無助

朝著幸福走去 像戀人般的簡單甜蜜
怎么輕易放棄 說你忘記

我想這一定是報應 都怪我太貪心
黃色絲巾是想念 在樹上被風吹
孤單的 孤單一個人無法沉睡

承諾變悲哀 悲哀因我被愛
我好想抱著你訴苦 卻顯得好無助
無助的 讓人想痛哭

朝著幸福走去 像戀人般的簡單甜蜜
怎么輕易放棄 說你忘記

我不再相信你 卻又慢慢想起你

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 2006

It's been how many days have pass, of year 2006 loh~ and I'm still bum >.<

although I am helping on our store, I get use to work on a company than being an own boss on our shop :Þ

Nagiceskate ako yesterday.... been missing ice skating so much~ 2 years na me kasi di nakakapagskate 'cause of work... medyo out of posture na nga me eh... T_T although I still like skating.. kasi simula pagkabata gusto ko na talaga mag ice skate =D

Well, good luck na lang sakin sa paghahanap ng work at sa pag ice skate XD~

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone in the world~! Welcome to the year 2006 and welcome to my blog... as what my title says "Enter the Heaven's Door" call me PeaceB or Angel, that is my network ID here in the i-net =D

Well, my blog is something like my everyday life.. well, If I have time I will write it here but not that everyday becase I sometimes busy also ^_^

Well, I am open and like to make friends with other asian friends like Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwan, China, etc. Just Message me.. and again.. Happy New Year to all ^_^