Thursday, September 18, 2008

Batang Yagit for the Win!

My votes for the Bloggers' Choice Award for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards goes to Batang Yagit. I don't know Batang Yagit in person, but I know he deserves this award because my best online buddy Jehzeel said so.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are you Korean? or Japanese?

These are always the question, when people ask me. Even when the first time they see me, they always wonder if I am a Korean or Japanese. At first, I really never get used to it but as years past, I started getting used to it, maybe because of my hairstyle? or the look?. But I always never get used to it when people stare me for quite long because it makes me think that a) Did I dress something wrong? b) Is there any problem with my hair? or c) Do I have something on my face.

Well, asking me if I am a Korean or Japanese now makes me flattering, becaue I'm just a plain pure Chinese girl, who was born here in the Philippines yet other people look me as foreigner. The cons are just my problem, specially when I will go to tyangge, or divisoria to buy something cheap, when they look at me and think I'm a foreigner they will call the price higher and they thought I don't know /pif, and that is really bad XD~ that's why sometimes I always wear a cap if I will go to tyangge so the cap might help me cover my face =p