Saturday, August 29, 2009

Missing a lot

These past few weeks, with no internet at home i've been missing a lot of updates, by updating my blog, preparing my upcoming website, updates from my friends and other up coming events. PLDT really fail a lot and I had no internet connection for 16days and still counting, I still haven't refund my 10days downtime last month @.@ Now been thinking twice to cut the line off and switch to SUN Broadband. And now, waiting for my friend to have me test on my location =D

And also, I've been missing a lot of best moment, by taking best moment pictures, 'cause I had been not bringing my digital camera for some time, 'cause I still don't have a good bag. I mean, I had already bringing a lot of things already and my digicam can't fit in T_T that's why sometimes I left my digicam home. But after what had happen these past few days by missing a lot, I will bring my digicam starting tomorrow, even my bag gets full XD and even my camer have a battery problem. Nothing makes me happier by capturing all the best moments happening to me everyday~

Have a ice long weekend guys~ Hope I can a good one too =3

Monday, August 10, 2009

August 09, 2009 - one happy day~

why I said it's a one happy day? 'cause I get to see my old friends and spend time with them again, see some familiar faces again, happy to see my friend 'cause she's okay now~ though she's on recovery period and happy to see her family again =3

Get so see my old friends and spend time with them again -- I really missed them 'cause we haven't seen each other in a while due to busy on work and watched movie together was our routine when we had our free time. And last Sunday was the time again we spend time and watch movie together again after a long while~

See some familiar faces again -- As you guys know, now I am quite active this time at cosplay events, after my cosplay, I was given a chance to organize a fans day and since then I got another chance in helping coordinating an event. And I am very happy in doing that~ seeing people enjoying the event made me happy. And being one of the coordinator, I met a lot of people, like Azrael, get to meet RG again and also get to meet the sisters again, and meeting new people like Adrian (adrian014), Berny (geloy), JM (danceofeternity), Reshaydee, etc. and I am happy to see them again, 'cause I enjoy their company =3

Message to Edj : take care always and have a rest when needed =D

Happy to see my friend 'cause she's okay now and happy to see her family again -- Yeap! I really am! I really am very worried when I saw her post on plurk and also when JM texted me about it. Edj was hospitalize T.T it's really sad and I really felt worried and me wanting to visit her. But I respect her 'cause she don't want other people to visit her 'cause she said that she's pale XD but for me, whatever she looks like,she will always be pretty and beautiful, inside and out =) And seeing her last Sunday, I really felt relieve and happy 'cause she's okay now~ though she's on her recovery period =3 and I am happy to see her little sister Ashley and her mom, Tita Jing and her dad Tito Ed again~ and I realize that I missed them so much 'cause I don't see them a lot 'cause they live quite far ='C but still seeing them for a certain time and spending time chatting with them means a lot to me. Get the chance to introduce them to my dear friends, can't introduce Edj to them 'cause she's busy having photo with other people~ but I know there will be a chance for me to introduce her to my friends~ I know the chance will come =3

Total in all, it was a one happy day for me~

Here are some picture I grab

picture with Alodia Gosiengfiao as Baroness of G.I.Joe. Picture grab from Alodia's Deviantart

Edj as Baroness and Rommel Sales as Snake Eyes, both of them are so cool! =3 picture grab from
Alodia's Deviantart

yeah! ambush!! we rule!! XD
picture from Reshaydee. Picture grab from Aldoia's Deviantart

Sunday, August 02, 2009

toxic week + common sense are not anymore common these days

These past few days, it had been a toxic days for me T_T I thought only Monday are toxic days but what had happen to me is 4 days. 4 days on having toxic days was a very pressure and stress days for me. Minor problems that just need common sense and should solve easily still getting into me. It's not that I am complaining about my work, it's just that there are things that we, as an individual, needs to do too. 'cause I have a lot of deadline been piling up in front of me, then here goes the problem that will disturb me from what I am doing. The things that I need to concentrate in order to think. That's why I told my friend that somehow I much prefer working at home or at a coffee shop than at the office, 'cause home has less disturbance than work. It's true that, at home, there are disturbance too, but it's not as major disturbance at work ~.~ home disturbance are bed, tv and food. Office disturbance are somehow related to idiotic that even a very patience person can get irritated too. 'cause I somehow consider myself a very patience person. But I'm glad, I manage to survive these kinds of pressure and I can sense more pressure work will come up in a short while.

Like things I don't get use to do seems like I need to it this time and life will become more busier than ever.

My phrase for the week was "common sense are not anymore common these days"