Saturday, September 30, 2006

for almost 3 days...

hello... guess you guys already heard about the signal no.3 typhoon here in the Philippines... >.<

for almost 3 days we do not have electricity and telephone line... so, what we do is stay at home on thursday and friday and resume work at saturday @_@ and now, I just realize that I do not get use to work at saturday schedules again... -o- guess, working back on normal hours have it's disadvantage too... 'cause you will have a hard time in adjusting your schedule loh~

And our nihongo class a while ago, got cancelled so I go swimming with my friend and kareshi because I do not want to go to office without taking a bath @_@ and now working at the office I don't feel like working and all of us here don't feel like working... -0-

Today is also the last day of September, hope tomorrow is a good day for all... For October will be entering :) Have a great day to all the people out there :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As for September 04, 2006, we are officially 6months... can you imagine that? Days really past so fast talaga~ but before that... you gave me the most specialy gift I've ever receive in my life... that was September 02, 2006... I wasn't expecting that, and I am very very happy and very very thank you that you gave me that... I really do not know what to say when I saw that in that day because I was very very happy and my tears almost fall down on my cheeks... and another thing that I am very happy is that we are already 6months loh~ I never regret on all the things that we've been through and I am very happy being with you... I wish our stay longer more and we'll work it out~ Love you my dearest sweet angel of my life~

Well, two week left for me to coupe up my study in nihonggo~ because on September 30, 2006 is our midterm loh~ hope I pass ,,x,,>.<,,x... lets have a cross finger~

Well, work here at the office is getting hectic every now and then loh~ I wish I can catch up in updating my blog~

Friday, September 01, 2006


Welcome September; oh well, late a work -_-; I just hope that I won't be late for the whole month XD~ and yet still have the same busy days doing IT stuff... tomorrow have a lot of schedule to deal with, namely my nihongo class, our company seminar and going to RP for my friends new open shop... well, I just hope that I hope get haggard by that :P