Friday, December 21, 2007

few days to go

it's 4 days to before Christmas and it's my last day of work as too :D Though I will still be going to office on the 26th-28th because I'll be teaching dance for our company dance competition, wish me luck :D and also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the people in the world :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December days...

month of December already started and I haven't been posting for a while because of busy schedule of my work... TT_TT Rainy days sometimes come sometimes go here in the Philippines, you can feel the cold days already, but this year is not just a normal cold but a so cold December. Can this be related to the Global Warming that other people are saying? hmm.. well i hope not because I don't want be the end of the world XD Well have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys :D

Friday, November 16, 2007

Love.... and Work...

Guess when you really love someone, you will do anything for them even it sometimes hurt you or makes you sad... let's change topic =D about my work recently? Well, it's starting to get pile up again because of license sorting @_@ and I get dizzy for that T_T well, wish me luck for that T__T

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

As days pass...

Days really pass so fast and it's already November... only few days and it will be December loh~ and my company again says that we'll move around start of December, well... All I need to do is just to wait for that day because who knows the date might moved again :p And about work, a lot of stuffs have to be done and it's already top of my head lah >.< Even maintaining this blog is quite slow again lah and with my BH family is also fading lah and I don't want it because I love posting and writing thing and stuffs that I learn all in my life and all the memories that I've experice. ^^v

Well, this is all I can say as of today... I hope you guys will have a great start of the week... take care and god bless... and to my BH family, love yah and miss yah all ^^v

Friday, October 19, 2007

Busy days...

wow~ it's been a while that I didn't post here... sorry, because I've been busy these past few weeks... but don't worry I will make it up next week... hope you guys have a nice weekend this week ^^v

Saturday, September 29, 2007

2 day big responsibility....

Day 1 : It was a big big responsibility that gave it to me , last Sept. 26 and 27, 2007. We are only 3 in the office, because our other personnel have other seminar, training and technical to attend. 1 HW, 2SW and 1SRD. HW is the most major service in our Department, because we only not entertain service internally but also externally (for our stores). A lot of people been calling here and there and I was really been running around all over our work place. And in the afternoon, something happened. One of our AVR that is supporting our UPS for our 3 Server got problem and I get to change another new AVR first. Then after 5 minutes, we smell like something is burning and I realize that it was the new AVR that we change is burning, 2 servers are already down and the major server is still continuing but nearly going dead. My full concentration was on that server because our server cannot go dead unless we really do no have a choice. Then at last, i found the solution. But while I was on my momentum, this person shock me up that make me angry and shout at him and I almost cried because I suddenly burst out. I was really really mad at him during that time, because I cannot find the reason why did he do that for? To change the mood? it's okay to change the mood but not during that time, it's not proper.

Day 2 : Pressure still on me, because we are still lack of people. but I was able to handle the situation in good condition and I am satisfied on that day.

RESPONSIBILITY is really a challenge in me, because if you ask me.... I am not a responsible person, even my friend says that I am a responsible person, because that is how and what I feel. This is me, i know what I feel and I know what I do. But in this work, i think i must push that inorder to survive >.<

Monday, September 24, 2007

!@#%!@ really happens >=(

guys, sorry about the word that I will say but sh!t really happens when you are just living in your own and quite world. Because someone hacked my yahoo account and guess what?! He or She is asking load from the people in my ym list. Here's my story, it's 4pm today and I'm at my office, I visit my dentist to have some checkup and after an hour that I get back (so that makes it 5pm) I got sign-out on my ym. I didn't mind first, because I though that our internet just got intermittent and I got sign-out then when I log-in for how many time and my friend starting to text me about something "Are you asking for load?" I said no and I told them that I have a hunch that I got hack. And after I have log-in a lot of times, that i have proven that I got hack. My friend was asking me, who is that person and why will that hacked me? I said, I cannot think of anyone because my account is just a year and half old; and I also do not know the purpose of that person @_@ I just wish that, whoever hack my account will get his/her karma it time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Rain reminds me of who I am and what I am before. Rain gives me the sad feeling but I don't mind about it because that is the way i grow up. Everytime when it rains, something sad always happen to me at the same time. Yesterday, when I got home around 8pm, it rain so hard and it remind of me of what I am before, but I am not sad... that's the only time that I can reminisce what really I am.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

at last... first wish came true...

at last, one of my wish came true. And this is it!!! ^^v I reach my first ever wish :D It's really hard but also same time happy. Guess, when you want something in life (like things, goals, etc.) and when you work hard for it, it really feels great. I hope I can have my other wish come true :D

I am really happy that because at last, i got my first wish. Know why? because I like taking pictures and capture every good moment in every chance that I got :D more pictures to update here i guess? ^^v

Friday, September 07, 2007

Troma part 2?

Oh my~ what happen O.O I didn't expect this to happen.  We ICT Group go out at the same time and our boss suddenly come to our room and all she can see is an empty room >.<  and when I get back I hear from my other department says that our boss is looking for us and she look frustrated ('o') and I rush to her to make it up but it didn't happen but I am still glad that she didn't get mad at me, instead she talk to me seriously regarding our issues and our work style... and yes, she has a point.. I feel so shame about that... but know what's more trouble?  My people, don't want to listen what I am saying and even how I feel.  Guess, that's why I don't want to be boss all along because I am not so strict at people and people don't listen to me....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

1 and 1/2 year and still going strong... choices...

wow~ days really past so fast and look at us now... still going strong and I am very happy to tell all the people in the world that you are the greatest guy I've ever met in my whole life.  My other friend says that, that is just now because we'll never predict what will happend in the future and know what I've told them?  Furture is for us to decide and the only thing we need to do is to stand on our right decision and make the right choice in life.  In life, we make a lot of choices, some are wrong and some are right.  But it's still the point of view of each individual, what if person A has a choice and he feels its the right choice? but other says it's wrong?  In life, we have our own choices in each of our own point of view.  That's why in life, you cannot dictate that persons choice because you are not the one who holds the life of other people.  And we stand by own choices.  That staying with you for the rest of my life is my choice, giving you up not easily is also my choice and Loving your for the rest of my life is my feeling for you to the end and I will stand my decision till the end.  Happy Monthsary my dearest and Love you very much, always and forever *HuGs*

I am happy with my life and I hope other people in the world are also happy like me spending time with your family, friends and loved one.

Monday, September 03, 2007

First time work on Saturday

Sept 1, 2007 was my first ever saturday work at office and guess what? it's cool and I can concentrate more than the usual. Well, the reason why I go to work on that day is because I need to finish some work stuffs and yes I finish it on time and I am glad that they liked my work :D

Friday, August 31, 2007

Linux makes me mad @_@

Linux really made me mad @_@ hahahaha.. but though I enjoy it 'cause at least I learn new things aside from windows? :p but Linux really gave me a lot of hard times because I am not good at DOS type of application because Linux is much more on DOS Type. In my current work, this is my first time hands-on in Linux and somehow it feels great (because I learn new things) and hard (because it give me hard time to learn, need fast research all the time :p) well just wish me luck on my work on Linux :D

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's been a while... -- Lunar Eclipse --

wow~ days really past so fast and it's been a while that I haven't post... really sorry guys... because of work stuffs.

Yesterday; Aug 28, 2007, the world experience Lunar Eclipse. In Philippine times, is starts around 6pm till 720pm but really sad because during that time Manila area experience cloudy and rainy nights.. really sad that I didn't see that once in a lifetime Lunar Eclipse..

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But they said that Lunar Eclipse will happen again on year 2010? Will it happen again? We all don't know but I am hoping ^^v

Thursday, August 09, 2007

wow~ got approved

yes~! I got approved from Google AdSense. Thank you for my dearest friend jemme for referring me and to Google thank you for giving the chance ^^v Hope this click on me ^^v

Monday, August 06, 2007

17 months...

17 months.. and still going strong and I am very happy I just hope this will go on and on till the future :D yesterday was really rocky and I didn't really meant to cry because of disappointment but maybe because of sadness, I am really sorry for that and making your worry about me. I know you are in to your work, that is why I don't want to interfere but my feeling got over flow. but life must go one and I am very happy to have you in my life though we have our ups and downs I still want to be with you for the rest of my life. Because you accept me of what I am...

Friday, August 03, 2007

72% Addict XD~

haha... a great site that I saw, when I drop by a blog of a friend of mine XD~
72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?wow~ I can't believe it... got this result after the test... why don't you try it? and see what's your result ^^v

credits : Mingle2
+ Jehz Concept

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I visited a site that is quite catch :D i don't know if that will work.. but base on the testimonials on the their website, it work... try it... there's nothing to lose ^^V click the picture... no one knows you might get the free gift you want? ^^

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

About Three Things...

I happen to visit my friends' blog again and I saw this funny questions so I just answer it...

Three Things That Scares Me

1. Lose my sweet angel
2. Lose my family
3. Lose my friends

Three People Who Make Me Laugh
1. sweet angel
2. jack, jhez
3. salvador, mavs

Three Things I Love
1. baking
2. Graphic Designing
3. writing blog

Three Things I Hate
1. liar
2. back biter
3. people who judge other just because of their appearance

Three Things I Don’t Understand
1. math
2. physics
3. chemistry :p

Three Things On My Desk
1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Cell Phone

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now
1. working
2. writing blog
3. visiting my favorite BH

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Spend my time with sweet angel
2. Spend my time with my family and relatives
3. Spend my time with my friends

Three Things I Can Do
1. assist my boss
2. being resourceful again
3. Hardware

Three Things I Can’t Do
1. be a responsible boss
2. fly?
3. still not a good skater

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To
1. Yourself
2. Parents
3. Trusted Friends

Three Things You Should Never Listen To
1. Untrusted Friends
2. liers
3. Scammers

Three Things I Would Like To Learn
1. Software prgramming
2. Baking
3. Good Skating

Three Favorite Foods
1. Pasta
2. Pasta
3. Pasta

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid
1. X-men
2. Transformer
3. a lots lots of anime

July 30, 2007 -- last monday of the month

1 more day and it's August lah~ days really pass so fast and work is getting harder and harder and I need to work more harder and harder... today was quite tiring day because of installing stuffs and setting up a new network layout for our new building. I just realize now that, thinking such things till the end of your brain is really tiring... glad I have my food supplement with me =p that was my life saver :D I don't feel much stress because of that... I need to work more harder to give them an impression and to leave them with that because I really do not like to be a boss or manager because that is not a type of me.. well, maybe that can be learn but I don't feel like it. But my boyfriend always says that in life, we should go up and stand up inorder to grow... guess he's right...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 2 of I2

Today is the day two of my intermediate 1 class of nihongo center foudation inc. and i am very happy that i understand all the lesson that my prof teach, but lessons are getting tougher and I need to be attentive and not be late in class anymore because I'll be missing a lot.... I just realize now, that when you understand the lesson, it made me so happy but I do not know the reason why? Well, maybe it's because I learn new? I don't know... I just wish that I'll be able to understand all the lessons in my class till the end... Good Luck to me guys and hope you have a great weekend.... Take Care

Friday, July 27, 2007


yet today is another end of the day and end of the week.. and another day and weeks passed again.. it's the 4th week of July... days really pass so fast and time also flies so fast that cannot wait for us. As for work, it's really getting harder and busier and I cannot have my playtime at office loh... and I need to get serious loh in order to work those stuffs out... really need to focus and concentrate lah~ but I'm really really tired of it... guess, work is really that... need to face all the challenge in work and life. whenever I got home these, I always go to sleep for few hours to get my energy back then eat dinner.. I wish I still have the same energy when I was still in my teenage days..

Monday, July 23, 2007

3day blog in one =p

Last Saturday (July 21) My first day of class in Nihongo Center Foundation Inc. in Intermediate 1 Class. Wow~ and I was really amaze on my teacher because he no longer speak Tagalog or English anymore in class TT_TT he speak pure japanese and 1% english if ever and this might be my challenge if I really want to continue my japanese class till the end I must try my very hard to achieve that goal. Practice Practice Practice is now in my mind always and I should do it~! Wish me luck, hello world ^^v I will try my very best to surpass this challenge.

Scared... I thought in y life, I would never be scare anymore but when you're just being quiet there I am starting to get scared because I do not know what you are thinking anymore. I am also scared to lose you 'cause I don't know what to do and I don't know how to go on with my life...

Today, I start to get serious on working and quit playing games now because I want to achieve my goals in life and hope I can do it... wish my luck in my life, hello world :D

Take Care you all~

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

... days ... weeks ...

days really past so fast.... and it's been days and weeks that we haven't much talk... we have the time during the weekend but it's not enough XD~ and I've been missing you loh~ guess life's really tough and I have to face that challenge. And speaking of challenge, my work also do challenge me and a lot of hard work needed here... wish me good luck....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've watch this movie that I'll always remember... it's about the choices we make... we choose what we can to and we choose what we decide to do. And there are a lot of choices that we can make, we do not know if our choices are right or wrong because of our point of view. Choices also has it's own point of view, that's why we do not know if the choices that we choose is right or wrong. We are the one's who are committed with the choices, the only time we know that the choices that we make is right or wrong because we have our point of view in life so we must think very carefully in making choices.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In life....

yet in life we really never get along huh? when we always meet, all we do is to agrue or lecturing me... why is that always happend? Do you think I am that dumb not to think what I am doing? Please see to it first that what I do before critisizing me. You always do that, not only to me but also to other people, can't you learn that? when other people critisize you, you feel offended and always speak out that as if you are always right or perfect @_@ Please don't... because each of us are not perfect. It make me think that I should make a margin with you, that never be close to you and don't care what you do to me. But please don't always guard or notice me just because you have nothing to do but always see me.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Month of June is the month of school... start of school and somehow I miss schooling... I still remember when I was still on schooling, I don't like books and studying... and now I graduate loh~ and missing of studying loh and realize that studying is fun. Actually, working is fun too when you like what you are working on but somehow it makes you feel tired than studying. June is also the month of rainy season and rainy season is already starting but sometimes it's hot also @_@ really don't know what the weather really want to feel XD~ sometimes cold sometimes hot but what I don't like is the air is hot, it feels hot already and it's also hard to breath because the air is hot.

... Sad but True ...

In relationship, you should know very well what "Sacrifice" means... it's not just a simple word that can say and do easily because it also mix with feelings. I somehow thought that I've already understand very well what that means, but then right now I realize that it takes a lot of courage to face that challenge in life. Challenging sacrifice is not that easy and now I need a lot of courage to face that challenge that I am currently in... it's been past few weeks and we don't have that long talk anymore, even date and I do really miss him soooo much. I'm telling this, is not mean in ranting because of this and that... I just want to tell you that I miss you soo much because we didn't have regular talk on phone anymore and we didn't been each other anymore that long for a week loh~ But I DO understand you and you have my full support because I DO love you so much. Just like I promise before, I will not do the things that what a common girlfriend do. Though sometimes I want your attention so much but I don't want to strangle you because I really cherish our relationship and want to keep it till the end. Now, what I know need to do is to wait for you and I know you will pick me up where I wait you.... MISS YOU SO MUCH and LOVE YOU SO MUCH...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

... work ...

why I always have dumb decision on work? No matter how I try my best to avoid of being dumb I always get that result in the end. I just wish that I could avoid that one day. I didn't cried in that time when that happened. I just blame myself for my dumb decision and dumb work but why when he called me and ask for an apology I almost cried?

... sibling thing ...

guess in this life we can never be close.... since we were kid we never get close we just go for casual laugh only because when we get close we only get our conversation heat up and we don't agree on almost anything. Though I tried many times but i think there's no way anymore. I tried but I doubt you ever see it or felt it. Yeah yeah~ I know, no matter what I do or even the world round counter clockwise or the sun sets the other way around you are still my family and I cannot change that... but what I want to say that, eventhough we are family we can never be compatible for each other...

Friday, May 04, 2007

.. what a day ...

it's already end of the day and I thought I have done a lot of good things and in the end it turns out not... and I did the most dumbest thing in my work... I have deleted one of the folder files of our pmx and uhr.. gosh... it's really bad and I felt bad. Though my boss said it's okay... but still it reflect on my work duty.. I just hope I won't be doing that second time....

Tomorrow is my exam again on Nihongo Foundation and I wish I pass the test.... wish me luck...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

... Labor Day ...

Good day everyone in the world... Today is the the first day of May and it's Labor Day... How's your Labor Day there in your country? I hope you guys are enjoying your labor day as well :) Here in the Philippines, some of the store are not open... well of course, it's labor day... but some store is also open. Today is the showing of Spiderman 3 and I am sure all the cinema here are loaded @_@ hahahaha... and it's a rest day for me.. thought I am here in the computer shop of my friend and not in the house... because house is sooo depressing.. aside from no internet a lot of people in the house... and tomorrow is normal day again loh~ back to work again... I hope you guys are enjoying your labor day :) Have a happy Labor day~

Monday, April 30, 2007

..another day...

yet another last day of the month... days really past so fast and it's already May tomorrow... hope you guys have a great month these past few months... Me? I still got a lot of rush project to do... it's already line up till the month of June... Wish me all the luck on my project and hope I can make them good and have my KRA result good =p

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


wow~ days really past so fast and I haven't post for quite a while... 'cause I've been very busy on my work... and it's already 4th week of April so and summer is already starting... These past few days, it's really really hot here in the Philippines, I wish it would be colder sometimes ^^v I wish I could have a nice break after my long month of working with my deadline @_@ and this week I have my midterm on Nihongo Foundation, Kanji, reading and hearing and next week I will also have my continuation exam on Nihongo Foundation and this time is vocabulary and grammar, wish my luck on my exam :) Take Care you guys~ have a great day ahead ^^v

Friday, March 30, 2007

... Today ...

As for this month, there's a lot of project coming up because we are moving to the new building and I must finish those project next month... Today is the second of the last day of March and hope I can finish those manual and account and hope when they login, it won't have any problem at all.

After this week, next week we will only have 3 day of work 'cause of Holy Week ^^v weeee... from April 5 to 9, that means 5 days of no work *yeah~* \m/ And I will take that as an opportunity to have a nice relax vacation =D That also means that, this week I have to finish the stuff I need to finish ;)

for those who will have the same date vacation with me, Happy Vacation ;)

Friday, March 02, 2007

March Days

It's March already, days really past so fast... I just felt like January 2007 yesterday... Guess time really flies fast. March days... Graduation Days... Happy 2007 Graduation to those people who are graduating :)

Life really sucks @_@ 'cause my network walkman suddenly didn't work and I do not know what happened all I did what just to charge the phone and listen to my music, then suddenly when I will charge again my computer doesn't recognize my network walkman anymore TT_TT I do not know what really is the problem, it cannot be my usb drive because I am using usb keyboard and mouse. My friend told me, maybe it's a firmware problem.. Maybe? Maybe not... ~>.<~

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

28th Feb, 49th Day

28th Feb. 20007 is the 49th day since the day your apart from us. It's been how many days that you already apart from us, how are you? I know that it's kinda bad to hear for you to enter our dream but sometimes we want to know if how are you really doing? Dad said that if you don't let us dream, that means you're already fine and in Heaven. And of course, we are happy to hear that...

Changing the topic =p and it's been a while that i've write here XD~ don't worry i'll cope up with the days i've miss...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007...

Welcome 2007, Year of the PiG. Yet another year beginning. Hope it's a great year for all of us... On work, on personal life and on our future... I'm really happy because my grandmother is recovering now and hope that she will recover more and more until my birthday, because I wish that I could celebrate my birthday with her...