Saturday, September 29, 2007

2 day big responsibility....

Day 1 : It was a big big responsibility that gave it to me , last Sept. 26 and 27, 2007. We are only 3 in the office, because our other personnel have other seminar, training and technical to attend. 1 HW, 2SW and 1SRD. HW is the most major service in our Department, because we only not entertain service internally but also externally (for our stores). A lot of people been calling here and there and I was really been running around all over our work place. And in the afternoon, something happened. One of our AVR that is supporting our UPS for our 3 Server got problem and I get to change another new AVR first. Then after 5 minutes, we smell like something is burning and I realize that it was the new AVR that we change is burning, 2 servers are already down and the major server is still continuing but nearly going dead. My full concentration was on that server because our server cannot go dead unless we really do no have a choice. Then at last, i found the solution. But while I was on my momentum, this person shock me up that make me angry and shout at him and I almost cried because I suddenly burst out. I was really really mad at him during that time, because I cannot find the reason why did he do that for? To change the mood? it's okay to change the mood but not during that time, it's not proper.

Day 2 : Pressure still on me, because we are still lack of people. but I was able to handle the situation in good condition and I am satisfied on that day.

RESPONSIBILITY is really a challenge in me, because if you ask me.... I am not a responsible person, even my friend says that I am a responsible person, because that is how and what I feel. This is me, i know what I feel and I know what I do. But in this work, i think i must push that inorder to survive >.<

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Jehzeel Laurente said...

kaya mo yan ate angel! kaw pa hehehehe ^___^