Tuesday, December 09, 2008

World is so small isn't it? a.k.a. Small world

Been experiencing this, these past few months of this year, you never really expect that a person who become your friend is also a friend of your friend, a relative of your friend, a friend of your relative, a classmate of the person you know or a classmate of your relatives. And this happen a lot of times to me and I find it funny and always say "World is so small"

1. was my bf brother is my sister highschool classmate;
2. my bf brother is a friend of my friend;
3. the wife of my bf bro is the former classmate of a friend of mine;
4. my bf's cousin, kinda know my friend on their school, since my friend is 4 years higher batch.
6. the daughter of my fathers' friend, who became my sister god father on her wedding, was the former classmate of a friend of mine too;
6. is that my sister fiancee's cousin was my former co-worker

Thinking of this experience just makes me smile and I can say it's really a such a small world, who could be next? so how about you?

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