Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Thank You... New Years Resolutions and 2009 Goals

Well, 2008, I can say is also a good year for me =) have a lot of good and new exprience, got to meet new friends, got to cosplay again =) and I can say I enjoy a lot =) I would like to thank you to all the new people I've met, thank you for sharing those memories with me in my year 2008 and hope friendship will not only stay longer but forever (^^,)v Also, I would like to thank all my family, relative and friends who also share a good memories with me, and of course special mention to my sweet angel of my life, as our relationship will go stronger *kiss*

As for my New Years resolution, are follow :

1 - will go to work early this time, not late XD

2 - will work harder and more concentrate at work =p
3 - will do exercise for my body shape building, sa bahay lang, la pang bayad sa gym eh xp~
4 - will go swimming once a week or twice a month for my scoliosis therapy exercise
5 - will eat healthy food, (means less junk food =p )

6 - will spendless na, since mahirap na buhay ngayon XD

My 2009 Life Goals

1 - use money wisely... spendless

2 - have an organize life
3 - will have a one week vacation with friends v(^,^)v

My 2009 Gadget Goals
1 - iPod nano 16GB with arm-band
2 - Nikon D90 *I hope I can get a good package* *pray*

So how about you~? (^^,)v

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