Friday, January 02, 2009

3 days to go...

wooot~! 3 days to go and my normal life will be back again.. meaning, work work work again =.= well, that's life I guess? We all have job to do, that's why we live and we survive. But seems like my 2 weeks vacation is not a vacation XD 'cause I clean and organize stuffs during my break and I got my back pain there =.= never get to stay in one position 'cause I can feel my back ache T_T that's the reason my break is not a relax break but a tired break *o* and I seems not contented with my break~ LOLz. My only relaxation was to surf in the internet at night o_o; and just for few minutes 'cause of my back pain, so I need to update stuffs like blog very fast, but plurk won't stop me XD~ but I have to stand, walk then sit just to relax my back pain =D

Well, I hope you guys did enjoy your Christmas and New Year break~ Hope we all have a great year this 2009 (^^,)v and Good Luck~

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