Monday, January 05, 2009

January 05, 2009 - First day work of the year...

well, as for me, I still have my holiday syndrome due to my 2 weeks vacation last December 2008. But hey~ this time, I think I start great~! Had more concentration at work this time =D rather than last year =p Clean stuffs at the first thing in the morning when got at the office, since our office got pest control last December 27, 2008 and must clean our utensils for that =.= then I got started working aroud 1130am, yeah it's quite late for others but hey I still get a lot of work done this time, guess my concentration at work is gaining, and I hope this will continue through, but of course, YM and plurk for me is unavoidable XD

How about you guys? How's your first day at work?

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