Sunday, November 15, 2009

15-Nov-2009 A Fruitful Day~

I can say that today was a fruitful day for me~ went to Power Plant Rockwell with my boyfriend to visit the Global Pinoy Bazaar. We first went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 'cause I was starving like crazy XD upon going to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I saw my friend Alodia and her family, they were about to watch movie and again I bid her and her sister good luck (endlessly XD) 'cause only few days from now, they will have a cosplay competition on AFA (Anime Festival Asia) held at Singapore. And they will be representing for the Philippines. As for the bazaar at rockwell, the theme was really Filipino type, there are a lot of booth, like Kapen Musang, coffee products from Cordillera. anak ng kwek kwek, funny and cute stuffs t-shirts. Saw the booth of HByGlicaros, Poisonberrymanila, gladztolove, undernourishedmanila, and many other more. Quite sad, 'cause didn't get to buy the skirt and dress but at the same time happy 'cause get to buy 2 cute rings from Colored Stone and a useful book at National Bookstore, that my boyfriend found, that I needed it, it show up on the right time :3 and then stroll around the mall.

And dinner time had come, we try the new restaurant name "Sango", a Japanese specialize burger restaurant, but they also serve other food too, like rice toppings, ice creams, milk shake,etc. Their presentation was really nice, but I only find quite disappointing is that the taste of the food is different from message they want to relay to their customer. But well, of course, you can try it yourself, 'cause maybe their food just didn't fit my expectation :D

Total in all, today was a fruitful day for me =3 so how about yours? how did your Sunday goes? I hope they are good too~


kasa (nickname) said...

nice to know you had a frultful day.. wish u will have lots of those..

by the way i am from
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