Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CosplayMania 2008

Another cosplay convention I attended. The experience was great, I get to meet new cosplayer, though not their real names. Venue was quite small for this kind of event, at first there was no cosplayers area like in the AniCon, so I change my costume at the restroom. Then few hours later, the host announce that there will be a cosplayers area and I said "Buti naman meron" but then I couldn't find it at first due to over crowd people in the area. And then me and my boyfriend first saw the Baggage area XD instead of the cosplayers area, then we left few of our baggage since we got 5, then afterwards we look for the cosplayers area and glad we found it and have a seat. Cosplay catwalk is about to start at 4pm so all cosplayers were called to their notice. While waiting in the cosplayers area we cosplayers got really toasted at the area due to over crowd cosplayers. The catwalk stage was big enough for catwalk naman. Except yung sa pagakyat kasi nakaslant yun eh TT_TT and it give me a very hard time to go up and down the stage kasi nadudulas ako *:o* glad there are volunteer and marshals to help me XD As for the venue, it was over crowd for the people who visit there, kasi ang hirap maglakad lakad dahil sa sobrang sikip. I saw other cosplayer outside the Hall due to over crowd people inside the hall. That's why I only stay at one location inside the hall, which is near the Cosplay work shop =p

It was early that I changed clothes, because I was kinda tired maybe because of the event also, sikip kasi XD

few days before this event, I was praying and hoping that I will catch up and get in the 30 contestant for the Animax Maximum Cosplay Photo Resume Contest kasi super delay na ako nagpass ng picture ko, kasi sa AniCon lang ako nagkaroon ng picture ng cosplay ko XD and that was Oct 7 *I think* During the event, at first I didn't saw my tarp so I told myself "better luck next time" then my friend told me "ey! saw you on a tarp" then I said "wow~ really?! where?!" Then he point where my tarp was hang, I was so happy because I got in, 'cause there are a lot of people who post in the Resume Contest and I got in the 30 =) 'cause there are a lot of promising cosplayers who post for the Photo Resume Contest also. When it was awarding time for the Animax Maximum Cosoplay Photo Resume Contest, ganda ng pagkakataon kasi I was just standing across the stage. As they are announcing nanonood lang ako while looking at the cute hats that the booth is selling. When they said, 2nd place goes to Resume #21, nagulat ako, I didn't expect it and syempre masaya din, sabi pa nga ng girl host, "kita ko siya kanina, asan na siya?" sabi naman ng guy host "Resume #21, where are you?" tawa nga ako habang naglalakad ako papunta sa stage. and it made me really happy na napili ako sa top 3 =) and I really want to thank all the people who vote me, dahil sa vote niyo nakapasok ako sa top 3, "maraming maraming salamat po. Thank you very very much" As the event end, it was kinda late na rin na nakuha ko tarp ko kasi tagal nila kuya T_T inaasar pa nga ako eh XD ihuli na daw ung akin... bad nila noh? XD pero still thanks.


aldwin said...

wow. new game?

hmm..thanks for introducing it.

Awts. blog hopping'...nice blogging. hehe

Peace B said...

hello aldwin, thanks for dropping by my blog :)