Thursday, August 28, 2008

A sunny day

today was a fine day, it didn't even rain and that's a good news =) well, as for work, still busy as a bee and time really flies so fast when you love what your working and also when you're really busy and didn't even notice the time =p

This was the picture I've taken this morning

And this was the picture taken this afternoon

It's really nice to see a clear sky like this and the feeling, I feel so relax. How about you guys?

While on the other side, got this new sandals for me =D
On the other side, got this new sandals for me, this sandals brand called Sanuk, ever heard of it? Sanuk store is open at Robinson Ermita, on the middle of the midtown area (forgot the floor), Glorietta, Mall of Asia. This shoe model called Scribble (for women) there's also Scribble (for men)

"These are not shoes, they're sandals" this is what they say and yes! it really is a sandals and not shoes.

want it? Hurry! visit Sanuk store nearest you! :) There are also other kinds of Sanuk sandals that you can choose :)

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