Monday, November 06, 2006

Ain't that enough?

it's Monday again, and my weekend are filled with sadness that I cannot avoid... It always occur on my mind no matter what I do to forget it. Even though that I do not want to think about it, it always pop on my mind. I know only ourself can understand the feeling of our gut. But when you raise it to the person that you are concern, ain't that enough? ain't that enough that you are concern to them? Oh well, but all that she did was laugh, glad I get use to people not get serious on me. well, I just hope that I will ate my words and guts, if I am wrong. But I also found out that recently it's not only me who have that not good feeling, but also my parents -_-; But oh well, I am just the youngest of all in the house. I cannot do anything, even I state my feelings and ideas. Why? Can the guy support her future? Can the guy support her a good life? and Can the guy support her till the end? even his family? He doesn't even have a stable job right now? I didn't mean that he is really jobless but his job is on and off. How can a guy like that support his girlfriend or wife in the future right? I know I am too early to judge a him like that, but my mind keep on telling me that something is really wrong with that guy... this already bugging me for how many days. I try to open to him but it still didn't work. If he can prove to me, all of my questions and doubts I will accept him, and I will accept that my guts, and intuition are wrong. BUT~ if he fails, I will be the first one in the family who will confront him.

Today at work, I don't quite work because I quite catch cold because of the weather change @_@ glad I didn't have cough, har har har... and my head near going to freeze because it's cold her in the office >.> and hope I can resume work normally tomorrow. ho ho ho~ but even that happens I am still happy at the office... :p Well, till here, hope you guys have a great day~

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