Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thought I've never cry again...

As I grow... a lot of thins had happen... so much hurtful that I've felt, I told myself that I'll never cry again... and I also told myself that I won't easily trust other people again but I still always do... I know that every person have right to live and deserve a second chance, but why they waste it?

At first I try to be open to him but I can't, I don't know why... I thought the problem was in me... but I was wrong, the problem was in "him". Shouting at me out of no reason. Does he really respect my sister? If he do, then why shout me? Because of wasting his time? If he really felt that I waste his time, why fetch my sister? He didn't even respect me, by shouting me in front of my sister.
My boyfriend can do the things he cannot do, which is spending his time with me and my family and never think that we are a waste of his time. if Nelson felt that I waste his time, he's not in-love with my sister. He's after something and I'm sure of it. The hell with him, sorry for my rude words but I was so shock and it hurt me so much that I almost cried in the middle of the street. I thought I've already lost and get rid of those feelings already, but I was wrong, it was sleeping within me just like Black Winged Angel.

Now he have awaken Black Winged Angel, should I thank him? or should he be careful with me starting right now? because I will have my full Black Winged Angel take over me and get rid of him. I can't blame my sister, for me it's between me and him. If he can shout me in front of my sister and he's still not in our family yet, how much in the future if he married my sister? He can shout her anytime, anywhere. I will get rid of him no matter what, he's really dealing with the wrong person. He started the fire. Before he will do more flame, I will start earlier than him, he wants to start hell? I will show him and let him feel it first and the worst. I will never ever forgive him, he has no right to do that to me. Yah, I know I know, God can forgive why can't we...? That's why I was decent here, an angel was created but a different one and that is me... Black Winged Angel... the Angel of Death...

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