Monday, December 18, 2006

奇跡。。。 希望。。。

Miracle really do happen in life, I am not just saying this now because it just happen now, but I really do... it's just that, I do believe more because it really happen to me... not only me but to me and my family... It was really a miracle, every since that my grand mother confine at the hospital and very little improvement, we are not only physically tired but also mentally tired because we always think of her and worried, because we want her to recover fast and don't want to let her feel suffer... I am not blaming my grand mother that giving us hardship in worry but she's been a part of our family for almost many years... look she's 101 years old already and I am proud...

until last Sunday morning, my dad finally decide to let her go... my father already talk to his siblings about it and ready also to tell the doctor to let grand mother go.. but when he's about to tell the doctor, guess what our doctor said? "Hey, your grand mother is very strong did you know that? heart beat is slowly beating back to normal. Medicine that she's taking start lessening. If her case will improve always in few weeks later, she's out of danger...." the Doctor said. When my father heard, he was stun, not stun of shock but stun of happiness. My father got home and told us the news we where very happy, and he also told us that grand mother somehow opened her eyes. That's a good sign right?

We do hope for miracle in life and we also do hope that miracle happen but not always. But I think we do not choose who to believe to give us the miracle we want but they are the ones' who choose us to make us a miracle. They choose who has strong belief and strong faith and that is how they help us. Don't blame your religion if they don't make the miracle the way you want it. That only means that your belief and strong faith is not enough. And you still have doubts. We all say that we have strong belief and faith in them but in the back of our thoughts if there's still a doubt (even if we don't see it) they can see and feel it. But if you feel that you really have strong belief and faith, and if the miracle that you are hoping for didn't happen, maybe the time hasn't come yet or it wasn't meant for what you are wishing for or the time has come to let go. I know a quote that "Doubt is easy to built than trust" and that is true it proves, it's always in front of us, we just don't want to see it, we just don't want to face it and we just don't want to accept it. It's true that it's easier to say than to do but we have to face the fact that, that is the cycle of life. All we have to do is to be strong.