Saturday, March 25, 2006

Second Time Around. . .

Falling in love for the second time around. . .
When our eyes met, I saw a spark in you
A spark that is unexplainable
But I didn't mind at all
Because I thought it was nothing at all

As years past, we became close
As we know each other more
I always enjoy your company
I feel happy and secure when we're together
And not knowing I started liking you

I never really thought of it
I never realize that my feelings for you is growing
Until the day came

Then I realize, that the spark I saw in you
Was the sign,
The sign that you will a part of my life
By always making me smile and feel happy
By making my days unexpectedly special
that I'll never trade for anything

Now that we're together
I will cherish all the moments that we have together

All the memories that you bring to my life
I will never ever forget it
As long as I live. . .

I love you so much my dearest sweet angel. . . ^o^

.::. 04 March 2006 .::.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Fully Booked

at last, for long wait... wish me luck for my interviews next week. Hope I can get in a job that I wanna be ^^;

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A New Chapter Beginning... A New Life...

Hi... it's been a while since I write here... sorry for that, because my pc got busted >.<>

Guess... luck in life will not come into your life in just one hit.. it gives you the partial then another then another... (Love, Carrer, etc.) and everything happens in your life, there's always a reason behind in it... ^^;

March 09, 2006 exact 9:04PM, when I was at our penthouse I suddenly look up into the sky to look for the moon.. a guess what I saw? In that night, that was just only a half moon but it shines like a full moon that shines so bright and clear. So bright that you can saw its flare and ray that the moon shows. That was the first time I saw a half moon shines so bright and I'll never ever forget it....