Saturday, March 25, 2006

Second Time Around. . .

Falling in love for the second time around. . .
When our eyes met, I saw a spark in you
A spark that is unexplainable
But I didn't mind at all
Because I thought it was nothing at all

As years past, we became close
As we know each other more
I always enjoy your company
I feel happy and secure when we're together
And not knowing I started liking you

I never really thought of it
I never realize that my feelings for you is growing
Until the day came

Then I realize, that the spark I saw in you
Was the sign,
The sign that you will a part of my life
By always making me smile and feel happy
By making my days unexpectedly special
that I'll never trade for anything

Now that we're together
I will cherish all the moments that we have together

All the memories that you bring to my life
I will never ever forget it
As long as I live. . .

I love you so much my dearest sweet angel. . . ^o^

.::. 04 March 2006 .::.

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