Saturday, December 13, 2008

random rant....

Well, this is just a random updates of my life, and right now I want to write this blog because certain people really so immature. Why there are some people saying they are mature but they act immature? By cannot face the fact by themselves. This really pissed me and I really hate these kind of people. Imagine, older than you and claiming that they know more or a lot than you. The worst part is that, he/she is nearly getting married, but still he/she still stay the same "what an" attitude that annoy people. I really wonder, how his/her partner treat, tolerate, or even endure this kind of attitude. And his/her attitude really annoy and affect a lot of people. Some other people told me that "let him/her be." "let he/she do what she want" "bahala siya" etc. I said "he/she will not change! because you always let him/her do what she want. this kind of person cannot change unless he/she get to collide with someone who has the same attitude as hers or who can fight back, like me or it can be other people." I know, some of you will say that, you are just digging your own grave or looking for a problem or naghahanap ng sakit ng ulo. but this kind of people should not be tolerated, 'cause they won't learn. If they won't learn anything or something by the time we collide... well, all I can say is "good luck to him/her, that when then day comes and she get to taste her own poison, she is strong enough to take it or accept it. 'Cause I can say, there are people out there who are a lot meaner than me and worst than my attitude who fight back of what he/she had done.

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