Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 05 sweet angel apart

well, technically today is day 5 already because it's pass 12am of wednesday lah~ XD well, days are still the same for me but after I heard your voice last Sunday night, I feel much better and I somehow become worry free. But of course you cannot let me feel a little worry because you are apart me, I always think of you, like how are you doing there? Area you okay there? are you eating well there? and many other things. As these past few days past and somehow we have our communication quite back to normal, I am very happy that you are okay there and you eat well :) well, about the hotel thing... hmm... maybe you just got out of luck XD but still I want you to live well there. After we have our chat last night (because today is already thursday lah~ XD) I feel much better and better because you're okay and very fine there and I am happy that you are eating and living well there, but there is only one problem... I miss you so much my sweet angel.. hope I can see you soon :)

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