Friday, June 12, 2009

Rain of Tadpoles Strikes Ishikawa

Ishikawa was recently witness to a strange weather recently: a rain of tadpoles with a chance of fish.

Residents claim to have heard unusual noises overnight, and woke to find tadpoles littering cars, sidewalks, and yards. Neither meteorologists nor local officials can explain why the Japanese prefecture was subject to this kind of precipitation.

The event occurred once again on Saturday in a nearby town, with tadpoles found in a 300-square-meter radius, apparently ruling out some bizarre prank.

Then, on Tuesday night, small fish are said to have fallen from the sky nearby in yet another Fortean meteorological mystery.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” a meteorologist said. “We have no idea what caused it.

”It is not uncommon for waterspouts to develop, which may pick up and carry small aquatic vertebrates such as these, but no other precipitation was reported along with the falling creatures, and neither were conditions favorable for waterspout activity. Each of the three sites are however located on or just inland of the ocean, not that tadpoles are known to lead a marine life…

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

another busy day~

Today is another busy day for me, but I am not complaining =3 'cause I quite enjoy it, 'cause I learn something new, though sometimes I don't like, lol. Sometimes when I think of it, I feel excited at the same time scary 'cause it's something new that I will do for the first time of my life. I just hope I can make it and won't disappoint them. As for my testing of mail server still have the same no progress ~.~ 'cause there suddenly got meeting with one supplier at the server room, but I am not blaming them 'cause I also have a meeting with other supplier too =3

And I really don't know why, these past few weeks or I can say already a month, my personal life is not stable ~.~ I just hope that I can surpass these challenges and survive. Why o why~

Good Night then~

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

what a day ~.~

And again, it rain again today, and this time it rain the whole day, not like past few days, it rain only at night. But still I can feel the summer even it is raining, I can still feel the hot air ~.~ Saw the news tonight, it says that there's not threat of storm coming but just always be ready to have umbrella with you 'cause there will still rain coming up anytime.

Today was also a busy day I can say, the testing haven't done ~.~ still can't work it properly =.= I just hope before I go to Sagada, the problem will also be finish, so I can take my rest =3 Had a little severe meeting 'cause there'll be a lot of changes starting today till the up coming year and I realize that a lot of project is falling in line for me =.= I just hope that I can do it =3 Ganbatte!

Hope you guys had a great day today =) Good Night~