Wednesday, June 03, 2009

what a day ~.~

And again, it rain again today, and this time it rain the whole day, not like past few days, it rain only at night. But still I can feel the summer even it is raining, I can still feel the hot air ~.~ Saw the news tonight, it says that there's not threat of storm coming but just always be ready to have umbrella with you 'cause there will still rain coming up anytime.

Today was also a busy day I can say, the testing haven't done ~.~ still can't work it properly =.= I just hope before I go to Sagada, the problem will also be finish, so I can take my rest =3 Had a little severe meeting 'cause there'll be a lot of changes starting today till the up coming year and I realize that a lot of project is falling in line for me =.= I just hope that I can do it =3 Ganbatte!

Hope you guys had a great day today =) Good Night~

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