Monday, September 24, 2007

!@#%!@ really happens >=(

guys, sorry about the word that I will say but sh!t really happens when you are just living in your own and quite world. Because someone hacked my yahoo account and guess what?! He or She is asking load from the people in my ym list. Here's my story, it's 4pm today and I'm at my office, I visit my dentist to have some checkup and after an hour that I get back (so that makes it 5pm) I got sign-out on my ym. I didn't mind first, because I though that our internet just got intermittent and I got sign-out then when I log-in for how many time and my friend starting to text me about something "Are you asking for load?" I said no and I told them that I have a hunch that I got hack. And after I have log-in a lot of times, that i have proven that I got hack. My friend was asking me, who is that person and why will that hacked me? I said, I cannot think of anyone because my account is just a year and half old; and I also do not know the purpose of that person @_@ I just wish that, whoever hack my account will get his/her karma it time...

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