Friday, May 22, 2009

updates . . .

Things had changed a lot ever since last week, task in my job was added and pressure also had been added but glad I am surviving each day.  And as for my personal life, it get messed up too ~.~  I thought I'm not gonna survive but glad little by little I'm getting up where I fall.  I'm glad 'cause somehow I am able to pull myself together, little by little the situation are getting back and I am back but this time things will be different now.  Even me will be different, as people say, "time change, people change" a.k.a. time change people.  and it really is true, time really can change people and it's A LOT.  From my job, to my social life and to my personal life, it will be different.

As for my personal life, things really got messed up ~.~ and I thought that it will end, I almost got myself a deadend, 'cause I can't think clearly anymore... but glad things work out.

Today, it was my frist time to intervew an applicant.  I'm nervous 'cause I had never interview other people but people who are the one interviewing me =p  But as time flies, I felt normal =D and glad I did I well.  But the only thing is this is also the first time I fail an applicant ~.~  it's sad but have to face it and have to move on.

Life must go on and I still need to finish cleaning up our server room, do some policy and procedure documents and the new JD's

Have a nice weekend guys~

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