Monday, May 04, 2009

mix aftermath

tidbits aftermath will be a mix post, and it all about my new experience last march to april. =)

March was the starting point of my new experience and it was being one of the organizer for Alodia Fans Day for the E-games event.  And I never thought that BOGS will choose me.  Well, of course, it's Alodia, I mean, when BOGS announce that Alodia will have her fans day, Im sure there are a lots of fans will message BOGS and will volunteer.  But of course, I also post at the topic that I can lend a help if he needed one, since posting and trying won't hurt anything. (^^,)v  Days has past and I haven't receive any reply so I was thinking maybe BOGS got someone already, so I just told myself, there can still be next time.  Weeks had past and I suddenly got message from BOGS and he asked me if I can lend a help.  Then I told him, "sure I can! and It's an honor~"  so I got in as one of the organizer.

But I really never thought that being an organizer will be that very busy.  Well, since I am a working person already, and I have to manage my time with my extra / personal activities.  Me, BOGS, Kuya RG and Azrael was very busy in our own activity and ways.  We usually communicate through e-mail for updates.  And there are a lot of challenge on our way when we are preparing for the fans day.

Alodia Fans Day had come, it was on April 04, 2009.  I was so nervous.  Assist people and working with our volunteers and organizers.  I felt so tired when the day end but I can say all the busy things I've done, it was worth it!  and then again, I would like to thank you my co-organizer BOG, Kuya RG and Azrael, to the Volunteers, Adrian, JM C., Geloy, Jemina, Mayeth, Gian Carlo. it was nice experince working with you guys~ and if there will be any part 2 again for Alodia Fans Day, hope to work with you guys again~  And also thank you E-games and Family Gosiengfiao for supporting us and giving us the chance for the event to happen.

News flash with e-games, it happen so fast =3  When we (me, kuya RG, Froy and with the e-games guys) are on our way to Gosiengfiao's house, we did some kind of news flash thingy XD and it was fun I can say.  'cause I miss it somehow doing that, hahaaha.  At first I was shy 'cause I don't get use to do that again but 'cause of e-games guys and kuya RG, they push my courage and finally I did it! but somehow but with some fail 'cause we are laughing XD  I just hope kuya Tarce erase those NG moment, hahahaha.  I can say it was fun!  Got to do new things again, aside from just doing IT services hahahaha.  And hope I can do the news flash thingy again, even though just for fun =p

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