Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 30, 2007 -- last monday of the month

1 more day and it's August lah~ days really pass so fast and work is getting harder and harder and I need to work more harder and harder... today was quite tiring day because of installing stuffs and setting up a new network layout for our new building. I just realize now that, thinking such things till the end of your brain is really tiring... glad I have my food supplement with me =p that was my life saver :D I don't feel much stress because of that... I need to work more harder to give them an impression and to leave them with that because I really do not like to be a boss or manager because that is not a type of me.. well, maybe that can be learn but I don't feel like it. But my boyfriend always says that in life, we should go up and stand up inorder to grow... guess he's right...

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