Monday, July 23, 2007

3day blog in one =p

Last Saturday (July 21) My first day of class in Nihongo Center Foundation Inc. in Intermediate 1 Class. Wow~ and I was really amaze on my teacher because he no longer speak Tagalog or English anymore in class TT_TT he speak pure japanese and 1% english if ever and this might be my challenge if I really want to continue my japanese class till the end I must try my very hard to achieve that goal. Practice Practice Practice is now in my mind always and I should do it~! Wish me luck, hello world ^^v I will try my very best to surpass this challenge.

Scared... I thought in y life, I would never be scare anymore but when you're just being quiet there I am starting to get scared because I do not know what you are thinking anymore. I am also scared to lose you 'cause I don't know what to do and I don't know how to go on with my life...

Today, I start to get serious on working and quit playing games now because I want to achieve my goals in life and hope I can do it... wish my luck in my life, hello world :D

Take Care you all~

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