Monday, February 13, 2006

Numerology... Major Personality Traits...

well, walang lang.. trip trip ko lang... it's fun~

Day of Birth -- a brief, first look at your character

You are family-oriented, with a gift for restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in relationships.

You are emotional and sensitive and like to demonstrate your love. You have a gift for both the healing and cultural arts.

You can be overly emotional and even melodramatic. You have a tendency to magnify your emotional issues, especially when they involve some kind of criticism of you.

You are willing to sacrifice much to maintain harmony in important relationships. You willingly provide a soft shoulder to cry on or a ready ear to hear out someone's travail.

You are energetic, responsible and helpful, but your sympathetic nature may cause you to interfere in relationships and get you into trouble.

Your artistic talent goes in many directions, but you are likely gifted in acting and drama. At the same time, you generally do well in business because you are systematic, careful, and patient in your approach to business issues.

You can be a bit impractical, however, and need others to give you sound advice. You are a good friend and a faithful companion. You attract sound people to you who gladly advance you along the lines of your talents.
(Birth) Life Path -- your natural tendencies, abilities, and attitude toward the world.

1 - New beginnings, creative thought, new opportunities and individuality.
[9] Destiny (Expression) -- the purpose, goal, and direction of your life; what you will tackle and manifest

Communication, friendship and partnerships play a large role in the lives of people with 2,3 or 9 as a Destiny Number. If you have such a Destiny Number you will need to work at developing acceptance, honesty, social skills and insight.
[8] Heart's Desire -- your inner motivation and most cherished values; what you choose to undertake
Personality -- your outward appearance and how others see you; what they define as you Habit

Personality Number is 2You appear friendly and unpretentious. You have a soft and warm exterior. People are drawn to you because, among other reasons, you appear warm and unthreatening. Your dress is neat and clean. The opposite sex is attracted to your gentle and attentive nature, yet senses the passion beneath your surface. You have sex appeal. Exercise is important to your appearance and to promote the level of strength you radiate. You are very patient and understanding, and a wonderful listener. You make others feel important and loved. You are sensitive. You are a peacemaker. Arguments leave you drained. People sense your desire for harmony. But you must avoid being the blank tablet for others' projections. People may underestimate your strength, but this is a mistake.
Realization -- the sum total of your Birthpath and Destiny; your achievement in this life

Birthpath [1] + Destiny [9] = 10 -- 1 +0 = 1
The Pinnacles -- the environment, people, and opportunities indicated in the four phases of your life

[7 = age 0-29] First Pinnacle: The First Pinnacle develops your character. It is there for very personal reasons. This is a time when we develop our egos and define our sense of self.

[9 = age 28-36] Second Pinnacle: The Second Pinnacle represents the summer of life. This pinnacle influences our relationships with our family members and the way we direct responsibility where others are involved.

[7 = age 39-47] Third Pinnacle: In the Third Pinnacle, also known as "middle age", we mature and enter the autumn cycle of life.

[4 = age 51 on] Fourth Pinnacle: The last Pinnacle wants to bring rewards and opportunities to use the knowledge gained through our life's experience.
Your Personal Year is what you must accomplish during the course of the year.

PERSONAL YEAR 6This year centers around the Home and Family. You can buy, sell, or redecorate a home or other properties. Your focus is on Personal Relations......Marriage..Divorce.... Affairs. Others will need things from you. Your family members are in focus. You can cement great friendships and find new and long lasting ones. (for year 2006)

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Days.... Unsure.... Losing...

hi.. how are you? it's been a while that I haven't write here... =) I wasn't home these days, I was at the hospital to look after my grandma.... even though that I feel sleepy I still want to write because I miss writing here...

Days really past so fast and next week will be the mid-week of February... and I am still on job hunting... >.<>

In life, we never know what will happen tomorrow... the feeling of unsure really worries me... I really hope that I can control my emotions because when I think about that... not only worry I feel but also hurt because I am afraid of losing.... well, I guess that always happens when you really love a person... ^^;

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sleepy head...

I'm still sleepy right now because I didn't sleep last night. I was looking after my grandma at the hospital.

Yesterday, my grandma got confine in the hospital because of her condition... and guess what?! my grandma is already 100 years old~ ^o^ and she's still alive and kicking.... but only her condition make her loose energy... I just hope that she get well soon, because I've been missing the grandma who is alive and kicking... ^o^

And tonight, I will look after her again... but hope I can rest a little because I have skating lesson tomorrw, so I can have a little stamina energize =p well, i'm off to the hospital now~ ciao...

Monday, February 06, 2006


u-ri eol-ma ma-nin-ga-yo
ch'a mo-raen shi-ga-ni heul-reo-ne-yo
wae cha-ggu nae ma-mi a-p'eun keon-chi
wae-geu-ri a-p'a-ha-na-yo
hok-shi-ra-do him-deu ni ri-seo-na-yo
wae a-mu-mal-ha-ji an-na-yo

chi-geu-min-de keu-dae a-p'in-de
ma-rae-yeo ha-neun-de na-ye ma-eu-meul
o-raen shi-gan keu-dae-reul hyang-han
ki-reo-deon nae ki-da-ri-meul
pa-bo kat'-jyo hang-sang keu-rae-jyo
keu-rae-ya hae-jyo keu-dael wi-hae-seo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo

wae nal chap-ji a-na-na-yo
wae a-mu-geot-do mut-ji a-na-na-yo
keu-dae eobt-neun nae-ga kwaen-j'a-neul keot kat'-na-yo

chi-geu-min-de keu-dae a-p'in-de
ma-rae-yeo ha-neun-de na-ye ma-eu-meul
o-raen shi-gan keu-dae-reul hyang-han
ki-reo-deon nae ki-da-ri-meul
pa-bo kat'-jyo hang-sang keu-rae-jyo
keu-rae-ya hae-jyo keu-dael wi-hae-seo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo

na al-go i-seo-yo nae-ga keu-dae-ye-ge
ma-ji-ma kan-ga-ji hae-jul su i-neun keo-shi
i-byeol-bbu-ni-ra-neun keot

i-je-seo-ya kkae-da-reun na-ye
mo-ja-ran sa-rang-eul yong-seo-hae chweo-yo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo
sa-rang-hae-yo i-ma-ri ha-go shi-p'eo-jyo..

Sunday, February 05, 2006

To be LoVeD. . . .

I can see your face everywhere I look
but everywhere is nowhere without you
what seemed to be like days was just a momment in time
but it meant the world to me 'cause I knew

What I've been searching for all of my life
I had it right here - in front of my eyes
and what I've wished for was nothing compared
to what I received - when you were here with me

And if you'll never come back
and today was all that we had
and if I won't see - tomorrow with you in my arms
it won't matter because
now I know what it's like to be loved

You're so far away but I feel you so near
it's like you never left me - never said goodbye
I can hear your voice in the crowd
I can feel your touch me right now
I can see your smile when I close my eyes

And I hold on to that every night
to help me understand - when I asked myself why
of all the people out there - you choose be with me
to share a love so rare

And if you'll never come back
and today was all that we had
and if I won't see - tomorrow with you in my arms
it won't matter because
now I know what it's like to be loved

what a beautiful thing - to feel your love within
like a child that sees the sunshine on the first day of spring
just to know it's true - there is someone like you
who can make me believe there is nothing I can't do

If you'll never come back
and today was all that we had
and if I won't see - tomorrow with you in my arms
it won't matter because
Now I know what it's like To Be LoVeD

To Be LoVeD. . .

Happy momments at Starbucks....

well, at last I got the pics at my 23rd birthday... the last place we go before we go home... our happy momments at Starbucks...~

sorry the right menu links will be on the lower right for a while... ^o^


yesterday's converstaion gives me worry today... and facing the fact I cannot stop worrying because I am scared of what will happen next... and hope what I am thinking won't happen... because I really really love him and I don't want to loose him... I didn't show it to him yesterday when we were together because I don't want him to worry about me....

But if that will happen, I might get hurt again... but if he is really not for me... I have to let it go... But...


怎么說忘就忘記 這甜蜜的過去
不想再為了你傷心 這最冷的夏季

承諾變悲哀 悲哀因我被愛
好想抱著你訴苦 卻顯得好無助

朝著幸福走去 像戀人般的簡單甜蜜
怎么輕易放棄 說你忘記

我想這一定是報應 都怪我太貪心
黃色絲巾是想念 在樹上被風吹
孤單的 孤單一個人無法沉睡

承諾變悲哀 悲哀因我被愛
我好想抱著你訴苦 卻顯得好無助
無助的 讓人想痛哭

朝著幸福走去 像戀人般的簡單甜蜜
怎么輕易放棄 說你忘記


我不再相信你 卻又慢慢想起你

Saturday, February 04, 2006

sharing.... happy momments... and story to tell...

Today, I go out with my friends and I really enjoy it.... although medyo nakakapagod hehehe...

a story to tell...

Recently, a friend of mine open up her feelings that she's been keeping within these past few months. Let's call her in the name of "angela". There was a guy she likes, let call him in the name of "cream-o". Kinda funny pero that what's she calls him... hehehe....

Lately, she tells me that she's in-love with cream-o na daw... but cream-o doesn't know, kasi siyempre, as a girl, for us, nakakahiya na malaman ng guy na may gusto sa kanila... Know why? kasi magiging advantage yun para sa mga guy(s). She also tells me na, they go out naman pero hindi sila solo, I mean silang dalawa lang, kasama ang ibang friends nila but in a time, they end up being alone nasa likod sila ng mga friends nila tapos kwento kwento... tapos sabi niya, they enjoy each other company naman daw, either thru text or chitchat.... on her feeling, the guy gave a few hints na, that he kinda like her and she gave him a few hint to let him know...

The reason why she doesn't tell me muna kasi she thought na mapipigilan niya ung feelings niya for him pero vise versa ang nangyari the more she loves him right now and she doesn't know what to do... for her kasi, bumabagsak pa rin sa isang point, cream-o doesn't know her feelings for him...

To Angela, My story to tell naman... ^o^

Well Angela, sad to tell we're on the same boat... There's a guy I like, let's call him in the name of "Oreo" =p kinda funny din noh? Well, we met I think 2 years ago... acquaintance lang nun that time, we met each other from our friends lang... that was the time that we were about to watch movie. For that 2 years long, we were really just acquaintance, no more no less kasi we don't text or chat that much naman. it started last year, I didn't realize when I started liking him. The time that I realize is because I tend to become silent and shy when he's with us if may labas kami....

Then it started na madalas na kami magusap ni Oreo, he brighten up my day... we also go out with our friends and end up the two of us at the back talking and chitchatting anything. We enjoy each other company and I also felt that he gave me some hint that he like me and I also gave him a hint that I like him also, but I stopped. But I still treat him the same as a friend and as a guy I like. But same like yours, sad to say that Oreo doesn't know about my feelings for him...

Angela, this is what I am doing right now.... The only thing I can do now is to give him time to realize that I am here loving him... maybe he needs time... Right now, this is what I can say also, "I will wait for him to realize but if he is not really for me, I have to let him go...." And know what Angela, I know I don't have the right to say this kasi ung ibang tao dyan mas maraming beses na ma-feel na main-love at masaktan kayasa sakin. But still I want to tell you this, this is the second time that I have this feeling na ma in-love, it really hurts talaga pero we have to face it, what ever the consequencea are... that's what you called love....

That's life~ Hay... ganyan talaga pag in-love >.<

10 days to go peps, Happy Valentines day~

Friday, February 03, 2006

What a DaY....

hay... what a day... today is quite tiring day and a lot of unexpected things happen... ngayon inaantok while writing this journal... because I want to drop by something here... =)

So here it goes, on my ice skating lesson this afternoon, I accidentally kick my coach T_T with my skate shoes because I was about to fall, gladly hindi ung toepick but quite near there... the problem is I kick near the center bone of the leg which is a BiG 'OucH' so my skating lesson move to next week... Second, when I was going home natapakan ako sa LRT T_T buti na lang hindi takong.... whew~ I am wearing sandals kasi...

But then again, although a quite tiring day I still have fun... like talking with him =p and meet new friends in ice skating like Chester (which I call him KuYa Cheeseter or KuYa Cholo Cheester) and JoHn T., kaya daw JoHn T. kasi daw may JoHn A. na sa figure ice skate, which is true, si John T. kasi sa hockey =p well, they're fun to talk with naman at nakakatawa talaga... specially when Kuya Chester and I were talking, mga chismax sa skating about vicky and others. and ito ang sa lahat na nakakatawa, lahat na kwento na namin tapos hindi pa namin alam ang pangalan ng isa't isa... sabi pa niya "lahat na kwento na natin, age, school tapos di pa natin alam ang pangalan natin ng isa't isa, maghulaan kaya tayo ng pangalan" I was laughing really hard halos nakayuko na ako... hehehehe...

And tomorrow I have Nihongo Class, wish me luck =D

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Febraury... another month of the year...

as of the momment, I am still on hunting... good luck for me... and to all people in the world, hope you have a great month this Feburary... ^_^

I really miss him so much, even though we have communication... the problem is... he doesn't know.... oh well, it's really hard to be a girl... hahaha...