Thursday, October 09, 2008

AniCon 2008

AniCon 2008, after 5 years... I attend this kind of convention again and also I didn't expect that I will cosplay again :p Before I told myself that I'm already 25, getting old already and must be mature but guess what cosplay prove me wrong and tell me that anyone can cosplay as long as you want too. For me, masasabi kong successful ang cosplay na ito kasi portray ko yung anime character na gusto ko. And I am also happy that the audience like it. Natuwa din ako kasi napasa ko rin ang mga audience. I didn't expect that I won on the special award as the Otakuzine Pick. And this give me a confidence to cosplay again. Hmm.. sino na kaya ang next character na cosplay ko?
I would like to thank you all the people who support me in this event, for Mang Carding as my weapon and costume maker through the last minute, hindi niya ako pinabayaan. The wig that I got from Manequinne Inc. To the photographers Marc Angelo Sy and Robinson Ang. And also to my bestfriend Garry for keeping me company from time to time and help me with my hair XD and also last but not the least to by very sweet sweet angel of my life, let's call him sweetangel :p I would like to thank him for keeping me company and help me all the time. With out you guys I don't know what will happen to me.

As for the event, the venue is quite small because there are a lot of PC's there for sameple gaming and 79 invidual cosplayer and 3 group cosplayers. And there are a lot of promising cosplayers I can say. Stage is quite small but I'm not complaining, because the event is AniCon not concentrate on anime only, it also includes gaming consoles. Pictures will be uploaded as soon I got the complete collection from those two photographers of mine :) Will there be a next AniCon? I wonder.... :)

I would also like to thank you sa award na nakuha ko as Otakuzine Pick, I really didn't expect it that I will get recognize :) syempre, happy din ako =D

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