Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chinese Birthday... Chinese Culture

昨天(十二月十一日)是我的中國生日﹐又老一歲了。Well, although we didn't have any special celebration on my chinese birthday, I am still happy because this is a new year for me. I just have a simple wish, and that wish is that hope I have a good year ahead.

Speaking on chinese birthday, not all people in the world celebrate their chinese birthday except their family still hold the traditional chinese culture. But that does not mean naman na GI mga un... kasi when people heard of a certain chinese people who still hold the traditional chinese culture, a "DinG" to their mind is that person is 'kuripot' or 'GI'. Well, I am here to say not all. All I can say, there are some difference lang on how they value life and living culture ^o^

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