Friday, November 11, 2011

111111 - fixing other peoples trash again and again... =.=

This is the reason why I do not like to accept unfinished jobs.  Because it will always be you, who will answer all the questions on all previous issue even you did not handle it.  The hell how will you answer the question(s) in related to the previous issue that you do not know?  That's why this is pissing me off!  I know, things should move forward, but why I should be the one who should answer the previous issues?  Shouldn't be the original person who should answer all that issues?  This kinds of scenario keep coming back and it start to happen a lot of times recently.  I tried to move forward but these kinds of things keep holding me back, that just really pisses me off!  And this is the reason why I do not like taking or accepting unfinished business of others.  Responsibility that should face by the other people, you'll be facing and taking it instead of them.  They get to escape it, why can't I?

Some one told me, that because I was a responsible person and have personal touch in doing things, that's why they choose me.... Hearing that was really quite flattering, but experiencing it with your real life? It sucks!  You have to face all the shits that the other people left it behind and you have to take that shit responsibility that shouldn't be yours.  Ranting these out makes me felt a little bit light but feeling pissed will always be there forever.  I really do not know why these kinds of people exist ~.~

P.S. sorry for my language, whoever read this.  'Cause I just want to let my emotions out.

For other topic, today is November 11, 2011 or in short, it's 111111, and this will only happens in how many years? lucky to the people who had experience 01/01/01, 01/11,01, 01/02/03, 01/04/03, 02/02/02, 02/03/04, 03/03/03, 03/04/05, 04/04/04, 04/05/06, 05/05/05, 05/06/07, 06/06/06, 06/07/08, 07/07/07, 07/08/09, 08/08/08, 08/09/10, 09/09/09, 09/10/11, 10/10/10, 10/11/12, 11/01/11, 11/11/11, 11/12/13, 12/12/12, 12/13/14, why? because these happens rare.  Aren't we lucky? :D

Happy Weekend guys~ <3<3<3

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