Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My experience at Gosiengfiao sweet home...

I know it's very late but they say, "better late than never~" Kuya RG, Froy (the winner of Memorabila contest for Alodia), ate Grace, Glenn, Trace and me, will go to Gosiengfiao's home for the coverage of 'Date with Alodia. And it was my first time to go to their house. The trip from E-games office to Gosienfiao's house was fun. While on our road trip, we had our news flash "kuno" XD at the van. Biruin mo, ako pa ang napagtripan, kala ko nung una sila Trace lang and Glenn, bigla ako binenta, amfufu! XD but I can say I had fum and had a great experience =3 ang saya nila kasama, even though first time lang kami magkakasama =)

When we arrive home, the usual, news flash "kuno" we did before we enter their house, I just hope hindi ako nagkakalat XD

When I saw their house, biruin mo just outside, the structure was great! Si Glenn makulit lang nga XD everytime he saw something slant that can make someone slide, he can think of something funny and it is really funny XD and back to the structure of the Gosiengfiao's home, gosh! I told myself, this was the kind of home that I want! the sturcture and everything! Along came the Mother of Alodia, Tita Jing who welcomes us to her sweet home~ we had few pictures outside =3

When you enter their home, wow, you can see Alodia's collection, and it's so amazing =3 as they welcome us to their entertainment room, my eyes was like @.@, I was so excited and happy to see the figures she got! only one word I can say "AMAZING", just to clear this, the word "AMAZING" that I use, is a word coming from a person who really adore Alodia's collection and was really amaze by the arrangement of all those collection and not envy =p

As we go up at their 2nd floor, there I saw Alodia's paint, "Unlock" was displayed on one of their wall and it was so beautiful. And also, on the second floor, there you can see Alodia's work place. Gosh, it was very well arrange. Call me wierd or whatever, but when I saw the place, I can feel the hardwork of Alodia. I can imagine how she work there. and I really can feel the presence there.

As we go up again, it was their very top floor already. When I went out the glass area of the pent house. I say "WOW!!" cause the view was sooo great! you almost can see everything and I mean it literally EVERYTHING XD At that time, it was sunset and it was so beautiful. But of course, back to the original business. The venue of 'Date with Alodia' was on their top floor. They had their food cook and the food was awesome! and delicious! We had some chitchat with the family and they was so down to earth! So friendly and accomodating.

And before the day ends, we had a few preview of Final Fantasy Advent Children (the 2009) video that Kuya RG show us, it was cool! and I have to watch it! =3 and then Alodia had also play the Demo Game of Final Fantasy XIII. Gosh! Lightning is so hot! =3 The game was cool and that makes me wanna buy a PS3 XD

At the end of the day, I really did enjoy when we are at Gosiengfiao's home. But what I really did enjoy was their family company. Not the Alodia's Collection, 'cause I was only amaze and I really adore those figurines. Alodia really have a great family and I did know a lot more about Alodia. And about the things that are going on right now to Alodia, about the AHC? gosh! for me they're just envy of her. I wish they know Alodia first before making those judgement. See the whole picture first before doing anything that is not good. Alodia deserve something more and what is happening to her career right now, I can say it's a going up arrow and she deserves it =3 'cause she really deserve all the good things and happenings in her life.

I wish her all the best in life and also her happiness *HuGs*

A warm welcome from her family I got, and they're great! they're fun and loving! and also Fun to be with~ and I hope to see them again~

*sorry for my poor english, since I just want to say what I really want to say and what comes in to my mind and I want to practice my english; and for me, maybe I can start practicing here by posting blog* (^^,)v

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