Saturday, August 29, 2009

Missing a lot

These past few weeks, with no internet at home i've been missing a lot of updates, by updating my blog, preparing my upcoming website, updates from my friends and other up coming events. PLDT really fail a lot and I had no internet connection for 16days and still counting, I still haven't refund my 10days downtime last month @.@ Now been thinking twice to cut the line off and switch to SUN Broadband. And now, waiting for my friend to have me test on my location =D

And also, I've been missing a lot of best moment, by taking best moment pictures, 'cause I had been not bringing my digital camera for some time, 'cause I still don't have a good bag. I mean, I had already bringing a lot of things already and my digicam can't fit in T_T that's why sometimes I left my digicam home. But after what had happen these past few days by missing a lot, I will bring my digicam starting tomorrow, even my bag gets full XD and even my camer have a battery problem. Nothing makes me happier by capturing all the best moments happening to me everyday~

Have a ice long weekend guys~ Hope I can a good one too =3

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Angela said...

I wonder why you've been without internet? Good luck with finding a new bag to fit your camera. It might also help to have your friends bring their cameras too!