Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kyo Ritu Art + Bazaar

October 17, 2009, Saturday, it was Kyo Ritu Art Digital Photography and Cosplay Photostudio grand opening at Ali Mall Cubao. Though there are some few confusing stuffs like scheduling due to the unpredictable typhoon, Ondoy and Pepeng, but at last, the event had their final sched and date. It was nice seeing old friends and familiar face again~

Bazaars are up and everywhere again, I think it started last month. I had attended 2 bazaar already and I can say I was impress, because it was well organized. Today I had attend another bazaar and happy to see old friends and familiar faces there. But there was one thing that disappoints me, is that, I went to this shop and it was selling a dress, a very familiar and similar design dress that I saw it somewhere else. I approach it and see the details and it was really identical, I asked the price, check the tags and everything. The tag and brand was changed ~.~ but the price was still the same @.@ It is okay to sell second hand or pre-owned products on a bazaar, it was not forbidden, if I remember it correctly. Selling the same price is the policy that I do not know. But bazaar is made also for you/us to showcase our unique designs that we made. Not to sell a second hand that is not your design that you change the tag into your brand. I was very familiar with the design 'cause I used to buy the products from the original shop and owner. When thinking of it, I can also say, that it can also happen 'cause I even saw the owner twice and thinking it is possible for that owner can do that kind of thing, 'cause the owner is not that friendly and when looking at people is from head to toe and then mumble. And it is very uncomfortable to the person/customer if ever he/she sees what they are doing. I just hope that the owner better change a not-so-good attitude to better and hope that the owner realize that earlier.

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