Sunday, August 02, 2009

toxic week + common sense are not anymore common these days

These past few days, it had been a toxic days for me T_T I thought only Monday are toxic days but what had happen to me is 4 days. 4 days on having toxic days was a very pressure and stress days for me. Minor problems that just need common sense and should solve easily still getting into me. It's not that I am complaining about my work, it's just that there are things that we, as an individual, needs to do too. 'cause I have a lot of deadline been piling up in front of me, then here goes the problem that will disturb me from what I am doing. The things that I need to concentrate in order to think. That's why I told my friend that somehow I much prefer working at home or at a coffee shop than at the office, 'cause home has less disturbance than work. It's true that, at home, there are disturbance too, but it's not as major disturbance at work ~.~ home disturbance are bed, tv and food. Office disturbance are somehow related to idiotic that even a very patience person can get irritated too. 'cause I somehow consider myself a very patience person. But I'm glad, I manage to survive these kinds of pressure and I can sense more pressure work will come up in a short while.

Like things I don't get use to do seems like I need to it this time and life will become more busier than ever.

My phrase for the week was "common sense are not anymore common these days"

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