Thursday, June 04, 2009

another busy day~

Today is another busy day for me, but I am not complaining =3 'cause I quite enjoy it, 'cause I learn something new, though sometimes I don't like, lol. Sometimes when I think of it, I feel excited at the same time scary 'cause it's something new that I will do for the first time of my life. I just hope I can make it and won't disappoint them. As for my testing of mail server still have the same no progress ~.~ 'cause there suddenly got meeting with one supplier at the server room, but I am not blaming them 'cause I also have a meeting with other supplier too =3

And I really don't know why, these past few weeks or I can say already a month, my personal life is not stable ~.~ I just hope that I can surpass these challenges and survive. Why o why~

Good Night then~

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