Friday, December 12, 2008

What is your wishlist?

Christmas is now just around the corner, let's share wishlist...

Well, my wishlist for Christmas are :

1. Hellolulu Canvas lapotop tote - this product line features cotton canvas construction with weather resistant treatment (a.k.a. water proof_ =D

2. Nikon D90

3. Ipod nano chromatic 16GB

Why these 3? As for the Hellolulu Canvas laptop tote, is for my extra bag if ever I will wash my timbuk2 laptop bag. For Nikon D90, at last, because of my friend, I found my passion, the thing I love most to do that I had almost forgotten, is taking pictures. I will invest this camera for my future. Ipod nano chromatic, a music player on the go, 'cause right now I am using my bf's mp3.

I just hope that my wish will come true =p kahit isa sa tatlo =p

What are you wishlist for this Christmas?

picture credits : all over the internet

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