Sunday, December 21, 2008

December Season

Christmas is just around the corner, people are here and there, rushing on buying Christmas present for their family, relatives and loved ones. This what I had experience these past two days at Greenhills and Makati (Glorietta, Landmark and Greenbelt) People rushing here and there to buy gifts, and it's a crowd I can say =.= but at the same time I enjoy window shopping :) thanks to my friend and of course my bf to accompany me. Just want to share pic what I bought from Greenhills...
cute three necklace that I bought from tyange and I really quite had a hard time to find these cute necklace, 'cause there are other stall who sell so expensive -o- and not in the reasonable price, so.. while walking, I saw another stall selling the same kind of necklace and at last I get to find a cheap with the same kind of necklace, and yes these are just fancy necklace 'cause they are cheap, but hey they're cute =D well, this necklace might also serve as one of a christmas gifts for myself =D aside from the BDJ Planner =p and one to come =D i hope I can get to buy it on wednesday =D

another thing that I want to share is the picture above, an Hello Kitty store soon to open at Greenbelt 5 Makati!! wee at last I can get to buy some Hello Kitty stuffs that I want =D I just hope that the price is reasonable, because openning a boutique at Greenbelt 5 prices are range from minimum of 5digit in peso =p

Guess I will go to sleep now XD 'cause it's quite late already here (in the Phlippines) =p and I still need to wake up early for my cleaning continuation XD and I still have quite a back pain ='C

Hope you guys have a great weekend this week and Hope you guys will also have a good day tomorrow (^^,)/

So.. good night, sleep tight guys~

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