Saturday, August 16, 2008

low pressure? darn?!

these past few days it always rain so hard, it started 5pm onwards then will flood all the manila area and it's very hard to go home. I heard on the new that Philippines is experiencing low pressure and will expect rain shower and thunderstorm. Today, it didn't rain hard and I'm glad because I'm working outside as of the moment while updating my blog since I quite lost track here. Sorry guys, for those who are keeping track of my blog. I really appreciate for those people who are dropping by my blog.

Also, two days ago, it's so "darn" this is all I can say what I'm feeling until right now. Because of all the people I have, I have those who are back stabber. Those who can do things behind your back, and I really don't understand why they do that and what they earn on that? And it's so ashamed because they are older than me and what they can only do was that? why don't they want to confront me? sa tagalog kasi "lokohan na makitungo sa mga tanong ganyan" and other people will say "hindi na pinapansin yung mga taong ganyan" and yes, it's right. But what if you see them everyday? Seeing them already make me sick even I don't talk to them and what's more worse is that they do something like that behind my back. I want to confront them but due to the age @_@ I cannot just in the form of respect. I told my bf "Seems like 'respect' is in not their dictionary" at kung walang ganyan sa dictionary nila, well might as well bastusan na.

Well, rant out ko lang ito XD~ I just hope you (people out there) don't experience something same like what I'm experiencing right now. Nakakabanas un eh @_@ Well, guys I just hope you have a nice weekend okay? Happy weekend ^^,v

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