Saturday, January 24, 2009

This year.. the BEST birthday ever...

This year is the BEST birthday celebration that I ever had~! I never though that this would happened, 'cause all of my life, everything was just plain and simple. Yesterday (January 24, 2009) was my birthday, I was happy 'cause I did enjoy my birthday on January 24, 2009 midnight, had a champaine at home, chitchat with my mom and sister, just watch some tv and had a plurk. A lot of people greeted me on my plurk.

Thursday or Friday night, my boyfriend told me if we can have dinner on Saturday night and I just say okay 'cause I first thought it was just near, then he told me "we will have our dinner at Makati" they I ask "Why at Makati? Isn't it too far from our home and kinda late for a dinner time" they he just say it would be just okay, so I just say, okay then without any question ask anymore. Then today when he fetch me at my home, I was surprise 'cause I never thought that my friends will be there too. And I am very very happy, because they celebrate my birthday with me. For them to be with me on my birthday was a big thing for me. And I found out that my boyfriend who did all the planning.... with some of the side trip included, hahahaha... We watch had some dinner, watch movie and hang out.

I really did enjoy my birthday and I am very happy! To my friends (Lacus, Gayle, chubbymarc, ZhefGarz, Jave) and my boyfriend sweetangel, thank you so so much for your time in celebrating my birthday with me. Specially to my boyfriend sweetangel who do the planning. And thank you also for the loving gifts. And to all the people who greeted me on my plurk. Thank you very very much!

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