Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will you cosplay next year? What new character will you cosplay?

These are the questions I get from some of my few friends, well my answer is "I'm sure on one event only, and that will be the OzineFest '09, but I'm not sure on the other events. But I will still attend the other events even I will not cosplay" What Character will I cosplay? I'm not going to Cosplay new character *sad but true* 'cause I have to budget my money on my other goals and that affect my future goal. And some of my friend already know what it is, if you are reading this.

If got some extra cash, I might cosplay again on 2010, yes it's so far but have to plan, 'cause I plan to cosplay a character and the costume is hard to make. So see you on the other a future events :)

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