Thursday, June 05, 2008

TO : Sizzlin' Pepper Steak Trinoma Branch

To whoever read this, I just want to share my experience with this restaurant. And I want to reach this out to all the people in the world, specially for those who are residing and visiting here in the Philippines. and also to the owner of the branch to check his/her staff on what they are really doing.

The first time I visit Sizzlin' Pepper Steak House in Trinoma Branch, me and my boyfriend got a good service from this Female Manger, if I remember it correctly, her name was Myla or Maila * I do not remember the right spelling loh~ XD~ * But anyways, she accommodate us with a good customer service and the service was fast even they have only few staffs. That's the time I decide that if I go to Trinoma again, I will eat at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak again

The second time me and my boyfriend decided to eat at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak because we got a good service before. June 01, 2008, the very first day of June that made me piss off and this was a total different from before, a total vise versa. When we got in the restaurant (6:30 PM), I didn't have the good vibe from the girl who accommodate us. Just when I saw her face, she don't have the friendly smile to the customer and good customer service. That was the first strike. When we sat down, we decide what to order, it took us 5 minutes to decide. When we're about to order, no waiter or any staff approach to us, even we raise our hand for quite some time. It took us 10 minutes for the staffs to wait for us (6:45 PM). And that was the time I decide and count how many minutes do they take their services. The drinks came so fast so I thought it was a coupe up for us. I waited my soup for 10 minutes (6:55 PM) still excusable for me because I know how long a soup cook. We waited the food for almost 30 minutes plus. During our waiting on our food, around 20 minutes had pass (7:15 PM), we were raising our hand for our follow up. but no waiter approach us again, that was the time I start getting irritated again. This was strike 3. I was looking around the restaurant, other people who get in the restaurant and order later than us, they got their order faster than us. after 5 minutes (7:20 PM)(we were still raising our hand) at last a waiter approach us and ask what we need, my bf told the waiter that we are following up the food that we order, and the waiter said that he will check out our order, but he never get back to us. The girl I was talking about before, who don't have the friendly smile, just pass by us, even we are still raising our hand, as if we were not there or even not existed (that was so rude). I told my boyfriend that I'm pissed off already and if the time reach 7:30 PM I will walk out this restaurant and pay what we only have, which is our drinks and the soup only. And it was only 3 minutes left, to reach 7:30 PM. During that 10 minutes I was looking around the restaurant and looking to the girl, who always got the not good look, like she's in a bad mood. I told my bf, that when you are working on a restaurant and if you are not in the good mood, you cannot show it to the customer, because that's bad. I also saw their POS counter, and there is a highlight word said "Always wear a SMILE to your customer". I told my bf that what is the use of the highlighted word in the POS counter if they are not using it. And the girl even don't have her name tag pin on and she's the only one person who don't wear her name tag. All the staff are wearing it. We got our food around 7:27 PM, my bf told the waiter "Ang tagal ha.." and it's like the waiter didn't hear it because he never even say "sorry" to us and just accommodated us. when the waiter left us, I told my bf that what he had done to us is not enough for the very long time that we waited. And that is also the time that we decided that we might not go back and eat at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak if we go to Trinoma again.

Even if they reason out that they have few staffs on that they, why still other people who got in the restaurant and order food later than us got their order first than us. And also, even when the first time we ate there, they also had few staffs and there are a lot of customers too. but we got our good service. And this second time, (base on my observation) the customer are just okay, not to many and not to few. There are not people who are in the waiting area in that time. But why their service are so slow?

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