Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Well, after all the moving office thingy, this is the first saturday that I go to the office. I go to office to study, but it seems I'm wrong, because I do a little work and now it's already 4:21PM. Time really flies so fast when you're doing a lot of things. and also I decide to post a little here in my blog to keep you guys updated on what is happen to Angels' life ^^,v

Anyways, today I feel like it's a really a coincidence day and also a great day I can say because I got a surprise though I bought it but still I get to got my dream thing. And here the story goes, I walk from D.Jose Till Carriedo to pass by my bf shop because I was going to return his pain killer.

While I was walking along Carriedo, a lot of stuff toys caught my eyes, then I was thinking to go inside the shop. It's a surplus shop, they sell some second hand items and some surplus items while I was about to go inside, there was this big poster posted "Surplus items from Japan" and that's the time I decided to go inside. Because I felt that this might be a good chance that I can get something straight from Japan. At first I want to buy this 60cm transparent umbrella, because it's cute and still useful, it only cost P50. And then I go to the stuff toy section since that was my first aim, then I saw this blue teddy bear, it was kinda different that caught in my eyes. So I decided to buy, then I notice the necktie ribbon of the teddy bear it's A-nation. I look the bear clearly if it's really from A-nation Japan and GOSH! It's real, and I am not dreaming because this was the bear I wish to have one! so I ask this sales lady how much does the teddy bear cost, and it only cost P120 and I didn't hold back and get the bear. I was still on my shopping mode then I saw this little cute white stuff toy, it was called nanami-chan it was so cute then I decided to buy it. Nanami-chan cost P55. When I was about to go to cashier to buy these stuffs, I suddenly remember that I haven't bring a lot of money, well it's my bad, because it was a surprise for me to pass by a shop like that and I have only bring along few money. So I decided to give up the transparent umbrella.

While I was still on shopping, there's someone shouting saying "Those are original from Japan and you get it cheap here" it was sorta marketing for that and I think that guy is the owner or one of the owner. paying I was asking for discount =p then this cashier gave me 8% discount and I was happy because still that 8% was a discount. Then while I was on my way out, the guy *who is shouting before* approach me and give me a shake hand and thank me. And he also bow to me, so my hunch became bigger because I think he's a Japanese. Because only a Japanese owner or manager approaches customer personally and talk to customer personally even just saying "Thank you"

this was the A-nation teddy bear I was talking about ^^v

and this was Nanami-chan I was talking about.
Aren't these two cute? ^^v

Well, just want to share my happiness to the world ^^v Have a nice weekend guys! and Take Care always

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