Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Rainy day ,Judgement day! -- wil miss my friends

Early morning today, or should I say since last midnight, manila started raining and it's raining hard. And today is also my Final Exam on my Intermediate 2 Japanese Language and I just hope I pass, because I still need 63 point in order to reach the half point of the grade. How about you guys? How's the weather on your country? Is is rainy also?

I also had my lunch out with my Japanese classmates, it's like enjoying the fullest on our last day because we do not know if we will still meet again or when we will meet again. Well, for me, one thing for sure is that I will miss them.... ...a lot...

... even just now, I already miss them... miss you my friends... hope to see you again and soon or should I say, ja matta ne~ kiwotsukette kudasai!

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