Friday, July 18, 2008

Learn Something New...

Last night, the moon was so perfect, round and bright alone in the sky. I told my mom that the moon was so beautiful and I told her to see it and when she saw he, she suddenly remember and said "oh, i suddenly remember, today in Chinese calendar, date it 15" Then I ask, what does it have to do with the 15th? She said "In Chinese calendar, every 15th day of the month, the moon is round" And me living for 25 years, I just knew it last night and it's something new to me =p

Why did I post this? because I like looking at the sky when nothing to do. Wherever I am, when I am outside I always look up the sky to look for the moon or the stars if they are any. I don't know why I always look up in the sky, but I get the feeling of peace whenever I always look up the sky or sea. And I like scenery that's why the first step that I've done is buying a digital camera for me to picture the scene I've never seen or it's so beautiful or capturing the best moment in anytime. Because best moment don't happen easily, it's just happen in just one click :)

here's the picture of the moon :)

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