Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are you Korean? or Japanese?

These are always the question, when people ask me. Even when the first time they see me, they always wonder if I am a Korean or Japanese. At first, I really never get used to it but as years past, I started getting used to it, maybe because of my hairstyle? or the look?. But I always never get used to it when people stare me for quite long because it makes me think that a) Did I dress something wrong? b) Is there any problem with my hair? or c) Do I have something on my face.

Well, asking me if I am a Korean or Japanese now makes me flattering, becaue I'm just a plain pure Chinese girl, who was born here in the Philippines yet other people look me as foreigner. The cons are just my problem, specially when I will go to tyangge, or divisoria to buy something cheap, when they look at me and think I'm a foreigner they will call the price higher and they thought I don't know /pif, and that is really bad XD~ that's why sometimes I always wear a cap if I will go to tyangge so the cap might help me cover my face =p

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